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Lone Sloane: Delirius 2

Lone Sloane: Delirius 2


LONE SLOANE, THE ULYSSES OF SPACE, COSMIC FREEBOOTER AND REBEL, ENDLESSLY STRUGGLES AGAINST DARK GODS, ROBOTIC ENTITIES AND ALIEN FORCES!Lone Sloane is stuck on the planet aptly named Delirius, one of the strangest places in the galaxy. He is now also the most wanted man in the galaxy. The lonely traveller is in trouble: he was struck by an erasure arrow by the fanatical monks of the Red Redemption.

Now they need his help to bring down the corruption on Delirius. He is accompanied by his friend Yearl Martian, in his travels to the destitute underground world of Delirius to save its inhabitants from the spreading madness!

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