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Gamemaster Dungeons & Caverns Core Set

Gamemaster Dungeons & Caverns Core Set


  • CREATE YOUR OWN DUNGEONS – This unique set contains everything necessary to bring your roleplaying dungeons and dragons terrain to life instead of using a Tabletop Map. Nothing creates a better and more immersive gaming experience than placing your D&D miniatures on the table to face their foes in spectacular home-made settings! Perfect for Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder
  • COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE - Perhaps our best guide to date, no more Unpainted Miniatures! Our How To Build Dungeons & Caverns guide is filled to the brim with excellent tips, step-by-step tutorials and inspiration for your dungeon modeling. Follow the QR links in the guide to more excellent in-depth video tutorials.
  • DUNGEON TERRAIN – This set comes brimming with excellent tools and materials to create your very own dungeon! The specially designed XPS foam sheets have just the right width for tabletop gaming scenery. Gamemaster core set make it easy as a breeze to cut shape and paint the XPS foam to your exact designs, for your Dungeon and Dragons Miniatures.
  • SPECIALIZED PAINT FOR DIORAMA FOAM - The set comes with a terrain spray primer specially designed for painting XPS and styrofoam, so you don't have to brush-prime your foam to avoid it melting. The acrylic paints included in the set follow our usual high Warpaints quality and includes details regarding which warpaints they match, so you can easily resupply. The paint is water based and non-toxic and awarded the Nordic Swan Eco-label.
  • FINISHING TOUCHES - To top it all off, the set includes our high-quality static grass tufts as well as basing material and basing glue to add those extra sprinkles of detail that will really set your scenery apart! Three different size brushes allows for broad dry-brushing strokes, as well as finer details.

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