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The Amazing People joining us on Free Comic Book Day!

West Sussex is apparently a hotbed of comic talent, and we are lucky enough to have a few people from that pool coming to help us on Saturday. So who can you expect to see at CGC on Free Comic Book Day?

As with last year the incredibly kind Simon Birks will be joining us.

Simon is the driving force behind Blue Fox Comics, and Meanwhile Comic-con, and as you will have seen on our shelves, writer for Sinners, Gone, Hexes and other titles. He is a Kickstarter veteran and all round nice guy!


Sinners Gone Hexes


Simon is also bringing along his artist in crime from Hexes, Lyndon White to draw sign and otherwise show the rest of us up with his talents. Hexes isn't all you might know Lyndon from, he has also been artist on a Tale of Shadows books.

The other artist that we are lucky enough to have visiting is Matt Taylor! Matt has had his art feature on the complete run of Vertigo's Unfollow, DC's Cave Carson, Images Wolf and many others. You may also have seen his frankly astonishing run of a Marvel a day on Twitter/Instagram where he has been drawing Marvel characters in profile, they are awesome.

Screen printed poster and cover artwork for Birth, Movies, Death magazine, produced to accompany the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens at Alamo Drafthouse, Austin. Screen printed movie poster and sleeve artwork for a 7" vinyl soundtrack release at SDCC 2014. Matt Taylor looking cool and relaxed


From one Matt to another, we have the amazing Matt Hardy from Mad Robot Comics. Matt is the writer for the excellent Cadavers, Last Exit to Brighton (which is currently on Kickstarter for it's absolute edition), Madhouse and many more. Matt is also one of the men behind Gaming vs Cancer a wonderful charity that holds a yearly tournament in aid of cancer research. If you follow one link on this page today make it the one for Gaming vs Cancer their events are fun and huge, and help a thoroughly worthwhile cause.

 Cadavers Matt Hardy at Gaming vs Cancer (he's the suave looking one in the blue T-shirt and blazer) Last Exit to Brighton Absolute Edition


Edward Bentley the artist for Cadavers and Simon Birks Hexes 3: Passing Through will also be present to cause inter-writer rivalry and pouty faces. He has had two comics released already this year Skate or Die and BareBones: Nice Guys Finish Dead.

So come by Saturday, grab some free comics and rub shoulders with real life comic people!

Owen and I will also be available for signed drawings, if you like your drawings like that of an uncouth five year old.


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