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News Comics Day 27th March 2019 - Watching the Detective Comics

The biggest release this week (in terms of volume) has to be Detective Comics #1000, a 96 page mammoth issue with more creators involved than you could shake a batarang at. Could this be the issue that reshapes the DC universe and redefines the Dark Knight forever...?! Well you'll just have to pick it up to find out! Plus there's a choice of ten million* covers so this book has something for everyone!

Also out this week from DC is Dial H For Hero #1 (Sam Humphries, Joe Quinones), the latest iteration of this ongoing series about a rotary phone that changes you into whatever hero seems best suited to the job at hand. Sort of. For an hour... Plus DC are releasing the first trade of Grayson: Agents of Spryal (Tim Seeley, Tom King, Mikel Janin, Stephen Mooney, Guillermo Ortego, Juan Castro, Jonathan Glapion (CA) Andrew Robinson), and Harley Quinn: Harley Destroys the Universe (Sam Humphries, Sami Basri, John Timms, Dan Jurgens, Scott Kolins, Brett Booth, Guillem March, Agnes Garbowska, Julian Totino Tedesco). Plus there is new original graphic novels in the form of Mera: Tidebreaker (Danielle Paige, Stephen Byrne) and Super Sons: The Polarshield Project (Ridley Pearson, Ile Gonzalez). Last but not least there is also Tiny Titans: Return To The Treehouse (Art Baltazar, Franco) for those younger (and young at heart) readers.

Marvel are also busy releasing new titles and trades, with Spider-Man: Far From Home prelude #1 (Will Corona Pilgrim, Luca Maresca) swinging on to shelves this week, along with Marvel Rising #1 (Nilah Magruder, Roberto Di Salvo, Audrey Mok), which brings Ms. Marvel and Squirrel Girl back together, along with some even more super-powered friends! Speaking of Kamala Khan, she is back in Ms. Marvel vol 10: Time And Again (G. Willow Wilson, Saladin Ahmed, Nico Leon, Elmo Bondoc, Valerio Schiti).

Those independent publishers are spoiling us for choice again this week; Valiant are offering up Forgotten Queen #1 (Tini Howard, Amilcar Pinna, Veronica Fish), about a witch who can infect anyone with the horror and bloodlust of the War Monger, that has decided it is her time to shine. Glow #1 (Tini Howard, Hannah Templer) from IDW extends the story of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling from the hit Netflix series, while Archie comics offer up Sabrina The Teenage Witch #1 (Kelly Thompson, Veronica Fish, Adam Hughes), where our favourite spellcaster has to battle both her burgeoning powers AND the misery of high school!

Scout Comics have got Star Bastard #1 (Andrew Clemson, Jethro Morales), a fun-filled alcoholic romp through space. Think Red Dwarf with extra cussing! Then there is Neon Future #1 (Jim Krueger, Tom Bilyeu, Steve Aoki, Matt Colon, Samantha Levenshus, Dana Brawer, Neil Edwards, Jheremy Raapack) which takes us to an economically crippled future where advanced technology has been outlawed, causing a rift between those who have it and those who don't. 

There are plenty of indie trades out this week too, including the special slipcase edition of Barrier (Brian K. Vaughan, Marcos Martin, Muntsa Vicente) available with or without the actual books inside so that you finally have a useful way to store the unusually sized beauties! There is also volume 2 of the ever popular Strangers In Paradise XXV:  Hide and Seek (Terry Moore), which offers the conclusion to the 25th anniversary celebration story.

Avatar have a bunch of special priced £10 trades including the nightmare inducing Crossed + One Hundred volume 1 (Simon Spurrier, Fernando Heinz, Rafa Ortiz, Gabriel Andrade), set 100 years after the originals and with a new outbreak on the cards, Streets of Glory (Garth Ennis, Mike Wolfer), Mercury Heat (Kieron Gillen, Omar Francia, Nahuel Lopez). Everyones favourite puntastic girl scouts are back in Lumberjanes: Time After Crime (Shannon Watters, Kat Leyh, Ayme Sotuyo).and Mind MGMT Omnibus (Matt Kindt) round out the new ides trades this week.

For all the browncoats out there we also have Firefly: Big Damn Hero, a new novel from Nancy Holder. There is also a new edition of Good Omens (Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett), just in time for the TV adaptation that we've all been waiting for.

That's all folks, don't forget to let us know what you would like added to your pull lists from this weeks releases. See you all in the shop soon & have a great week!


*Actual figure may vary. Or be ten...

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