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New Comics Day 9th October 2019 - Grave Consequences

After a quiet couple of weeks DC are back with a vengeance dropping a tonne of new books to tempt Bat and Joker fans.

Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch reunite in this 12 issue maxi series about life, death and the questions most are too afraid to ask.

We also get more Batman in Batman Giant #1 - with two new stories and 3 classic reprints it's just what you need to top up your weekly Batfix

Elsewhere in Gotham City, where heinous acts of violence are a daily occurrence, the GCPD relies on Harley Quinn, a young forensic psychiatrist and profiler, to consult on their toughest cases. But Harley is haunted by one unsolved case-the night she discovered her roommate's body marked with the signature of a notorious serial killer known as The Joker - Harley/Joker: Criminal Sanity #1 is the latest Black Label title.

If that isn't enough Joker for you then in Joker Year of the Villain #1, what's a Clown Prince of Crime to do when the world has started to accept doing bad as the only way to live? Out-bad everyone else, of course!

Outside of the DC comfort zone, tying in with the hit Rooster Teeth web series, RWBY #1, follow the adventures of team RWBY, comprising bruiser Yang Xiao Long, elegant Weiss Schnee, stealthy Blake Belladonna and courageous leader Ruby Rose, as they protect the world from all manner of Grimm!

Marvel, tired of letting DC get all the use of Doom have Doctor Doom #1  - Victor Von Doom - scientist, sorcerer, disfigured face, twisted soul - has been spending much of his time warning against a trillion-dollar global effort to create the first "artificial" black hole. Wrestling with visions of an entirely different life...a better future...DOCTOR DOOM finds himself at a crossroads....

...Much like the Resistance in Star Wars Allegiance #1, the new Journey series building up to the Rise of the Skywalker, hounded by the FIRST ORDER across the galaxy, the RESISTANCE is in dire need of ships, weapons and recruits to make a final stand against KYLO REN'S forces.

Boom bring us the first event of the Buffy reboot with Hellmouth #1 - Buffy Summers, the Slayer, has one job... keep the forces of hell from coming to Earth through, uh, Hellmouth. Here's the bad news.she might have failed.

Image's latest release Nomen Omen #1 a tale of tales, witchcraft, and secrets for mature readers that rewires the rules of urban fantasy. #doyouwannaknowasecret which is rivalled for this week's dystopian future award by Shop Lifters Will Be Liquidated #1 from Aftershock - The largest retailer in the world requires the best-trained loss prevention staff, and Security Officer Nussbaum defends the company interests at any cost. Life, human rights, rational thought are all secondary concerns.

Check out the rest of this week's releases (nearly 200 new things arriving in the shop!)

As ever hit us up if your pull list needs some updates and we hope to see you in the store soon!



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