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New Comics Day 7th August 2019 - Carnage on the Shelves

*We have not had final shipping confirmation from our distributor yet but check out below for what we think is arriving this Wednesday - Full update will land Monday evening!

*Full details now available! - Scroll Down!

Making a splash this week is Aquaman: Unspoken Water (DeConnick, Rocha, Henriques) then the hardcover collection of fan favourite Kelly-Sue DeConnicks first story arc about King Arthur (no, not that one, the other one) is the book for you. Plus if classic heroes and sexy hardback specials editions are your thing, check out Justice: The Deluxe Edition (Ross, Jrueger, Braithwaite), which collects the entire 12 issue series that pits the Justice League of America against the Legion of Doom. If you like things a little bit quirky, why not check out Scooby-Doo Team Up: Doomed (Fisch, Carzon, Ottolni, Jeralds, Brizuela), which sees DC heroes such as Supergirl and Swamp Thing joining forces with the Mystery Machine gang for some weird and wonderful comic book fun. There is also volume 3 of Wonder Woman (Rucka, Scott, everyone else ever), and last but by no means least Sinestro #1 (Russell, Peterson), part of the Year of the Villain event.

From the House of Ideas this week we have War of the Realms: Giant-Man TP (Williams, Zdarsky, Trujillo, Castiello, Quinones) which proves that’s it’s not only Malekith’s army that has big fellas on side.  In Old Man Quill: Nobodys Fault But Mine vol. 1 (Sacks, Gill, Roberson), Starlord finds out that growing up isn’t all it’s supposed to be…  There is the long awaited – or at least long teased – Absolute Carnage #1 (Cates, Stegman), with a whopping 60+ pages of story.  Plus there is Agents of Atlas #1 (Pak, parker, Pagulayan, Leon), as well as Future Foundation #1 (Whitley, Robson) featuring the Fantastic Four’s protégés taking on their own challenges.  Major X #1 (Liefeld, Stepheneson) sees the king of pouches return to reframe a classic Wolverine story, also featuring the Merc with a Mouth.

Meanwhile, Champions vol 1 (Zub, Cummings) takes the young heroes on a global adventure under the leadership of Ms. Marvel. The Golden Age Marvel Comics Omnibus hardcover (Compton, Gill, Stockbridge Winslow, Burgos, Everett) takes us back to a time when things heroes were heroes and villains were… frankly weird. Ten there is the hardcover Marvel: Art of Conan The Barbarian (Thomas, various) looks back at the history of the Hyborian Age hero.  Finally Marvel are giving us Marvel Comics #1 80th Annivery Edition (Burgos, Gustavson), taking us back to where it all began.

From a galaxy far, far away there is Star Wars Legends: The Original Marvel Years epic collection (Simonson, Michelinie, Palmer) which reproudcuces some of the original 1970s comics, as well as Star War Age of Rebellion: Heroes (Pak, Guggenheim, Adams, Sprouse, Broccardo), which gives us tales of all the favourites from the original trilogy.

It’s the pony Olympics this week with the kick of issues of My Little Pony: Feats of Friendship #1 (Flynn, Fleecs), or if you prefer something a little more classic literature why not pick up H.G. Wells’ The Island of Dr Moreau #1 (Adams, Roriguez) newly adapted for IDW.  Dead End Kids #1 (Gogol, Cvitcanin) is a coming-of-age murder mystery tapping in to the current nostalgia trend, and set firmly in the 90’s.

In Beserker Unbound (Lemire, Deodato), a merciless sword and sorcery warrior finds himself blasted through a wormhole to a modern-day metropolis where he must protect those around him from an evil wizard determined to send him to hell. Because of course. We also have Coffin Bound #1 (Watters, Dani), about a woman who is being chased by a killer and leaving a trail of death and destruction in her wake, in the vein of the best pulp fiction.

In Eclipse vol. 4 (Kaplan, Timpano) the sun is deadly and the is conflict between corrupt tycoons and those immune to the suns rays,

Writer extraordinaire Neil Gaiman graces use with his presence this week, as Snow, Glass, Apples (Gaiman, Doran) his new adaptation of the Snow White story hit shelves, with art from his Sandman colleague Colleen Doran. The trade collection of Terminator: Sector War (Wood, Stokely) sees comic book legends Brian Wood and Jeff Stokely join up to tell the story of a T800 sent back to kill not Sarah Connors by NYPD officer Lucy Castro. Stcking with the sci-fi adaptations – and Brian Wood – we also have Aliens: Resistance (Wood, Carey, Jackson) hitting the shelves this week, and taking it’s lead from the events of Alien: isolation

Collected and printed in English for the first time, Isabellae (Raule, Gabor) tells the story of a young girl in feudal Japan who must face her past – and her fathers ghost – to take charge of her own destiny.

Check back Monday evening for a full update and the clicky buy links :)


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