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New Comics Day 28/12/2017 -Turkey Doomsday Clock Ticks

Greetings one and all - Hopefully this finds you relaxing before the big day with all presents wrapped and as the turkey Doomsday rapidly approaches it is rather appropriate that Doomsday Clock #2 is out this coming week ;) The first issue (which we still have in stock) was extremely popular so grab them while you can!

Metal from DC gets another one shot special covering the fate of Hawkman (we will pull this for Metal subscribers)

Marvel's big release for the week is Phoenix Resurrection Return Of Jean Grey #1 which as titles go pretty much explains exactly what is happening!

IDW give us an offshoot from the main GI Joe comic with Scarlett's Strike Force #1 proudly proclaiming to be the best action comic ever (Owen thinks it will have to go some to rival the Bond comics!)

Star Wars fans get a one shot special showing the origins of the rebel base on Crait many years before it is revisited in The Last Jedi

The latest Saga TP is also released collecting the most recent story arc and as ever is sure to be popular so let us know if you need a copy reserved!

This week's comics will be delivered to the store on Thus 28th Dec for immediate release and we will get them on the shelves and into your pull lists as quickly as possible!

Once again, have a merry crimbo and see you on the other side (and enjoy your roast Porg sandwiches!)

Owen, Tom & Aaron

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