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New Comics Day 26th September 2018 - Shelves In Crisis

Yes, this week our shelves will be in crisis with the sheer volume of new releases and big selling books arriving! This leads nicely into.....

DC's next big event Heroes in Crisis entangles a murder mystery in a message as super-heroes recuperating from PTSD have to deal with a murderer in their midst.

Justice League Odyssey also launches with #1 as a new team Cyborg, Starfire, Green Lantern Jessica Cruz and an out-of-his-element Azrael battle a galaxy of evil!

Find out what happened to Will in the upside down in Stranger Things #1 - based on his unseen journey during season 1 of hit Netflix show

Doctor Who fans are in for a treat as 13th Doctor #0 arrives - It's said that your life flashes before your eyes when you die: as the Doctor regenerates from his Twelfth incarnation to her Thirteenth, she relives memories from her many incarnations, showcasing unseen adventures from EVERY version of the Doctor!

Image gives us Maneaters #1 and I'm just gonna leave the promo blurb below in it's entirety!

- Eisner-nominated and New York Times bestselling thriller writer CHELSEA CAIN returns to comics with a new ONGOING SERIES! 
A mutation in Toxoplasmosis causes menstruating women to turn into ferocious killer wildcats-easily provoked and extremely dangerous. As panic spreads and paranoia takes root, the fate of the world rides on the shoulders of one twelve-year-old girl. Part Cat People, part The Handmaid's Tale, MAN-EATERS will have everyone talking.

- It also comes in a glitter cover variant :D

Dredd fans get the final comics sequel to the movie universe Dredd as he finally gets to meet Judge Death in Final Judgement #1

We get a double bill of new starts from Vault Comics - Friendo #1 is a dose of Unhinged ultraviolence from Alex Paknadel (Arcadia) and Martin Simmonds (Punks Not Dead) and Fearscape #1 is a world where our greatest storytellers battle our worst fears - But what happens when the chosen storyteller is a plagiarist?

Rolled And Told #1 is an all-inclusive gaming experience! Each and every month we bring you a ready-to-play, fun adventure for one of your favourite table top role-playing games. These 64 pages are packed with beautiful illustrations, comics coinciding with each adventure to excite and inspire your players, and helpful articles sure to enhance the game for new and old game masters alike. Plus D&D fans should keep an eye out for issue 2 of Rick and Morty Vs Dungeons & Dragons!

Those looking for something to twitch their nostalgia glands should probably pick up a copy of Star Trek Vs Transformers #1 - The Transformers '80s cartoon series meets Star Trek: The Animated Series in a no-holds-barred Saturday Morning mash-up for the ages!

Gamma #1 is Pokémon meets Power Rangers in this kaiju-packed mature parody that follows a monster trainer whose dreams of fortune and glory collide with his own hubris.

We also get the next issue of Doomsday Clock and the final Wicked + Divine special set in the black death!

Browse away below to check out all the other books and as ever let us know what needs to magically appear in your pull list!

See you all in the shop soon & have a great week!

Owen, Aaron and the rest of the team

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