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New Comics Day 26th May 2021 - Toss A Coin To Your Comic Book Shop...

...and receive some shiny new comics in return! It's May's final NCBD and we have an idea witcher comics you might be picking up ;)

The Witcher: Witch's Lament #1 (Bartosz Sztybor, Vanesa Del Rey) - flames rise as a witch is burned at the stake. As Geralt searches for his next job, disturbing issues of the fatal persecution appear before him, bringing an ominous warning.

The Blue Flame #1 (Christopher Cantwell, Adam Gorham) is a new title from Vault. The Blue Flame is a cosmic hero (and not what happens when you light farts). The Blue Flame is a DIY vigilante that fights crime on the streets of Milwaukee. The Blue Flame is a blue collar HVAC repairman named Sam Brausam. In the wake of a horrific tragedy, the boundaries of the Blue Flame's identity blur even further. Now, before a universal trial, the Blue Flame must prove that humanity is worth saving. But in order to do that, Sam Brausam has to save himself. Can he?

For Jesse, the world's first true A.I. system, growing up means learning to think outside the box. Made In Korea #1 (Jeremy Holt, George Schall) is an exciting new six-issue miniseries will redefine what it means to be a family in an age when biological parenthood is no longer a reality.

Imagine everything you thought was fantasy... was real. And now join us, in a world where reality is dead...and anything is possible... Crossover (Donny Cates, Geoff Shaw, Dee Cunniffe, John J. Hill) Vol 1 collects the first 6 issues of the hugely successful series.

The year is 2084 and the world has changed. Wracked by calamities and crawling with monsters, the last remaining humans face a dangerous existence. And now, the Earth has been sent a message from the deepest reaches of space - a dark count-down to the extinction of all humanity. But there is hope! Five thousand children will be rescued by these mysterious message-senders. We Live (Inaki Miranda, Roy Miranda) is the journey of Hototo, one of the lucky five thousand - but only if his teenage sister, Tala, can safely deliver him to the nearest Beacon before time runs out, set in a world of violence and beauty, a unique tale of the apocalypse as told by that invites both dread and hope.

Inspired by true events, Dreaming Eagles (Garth Ennis, Simon Coleby) tells the story of the first African American fighter pilots to join the United States Army Air Force in WWII and whose humble beginnings in Tuskegee, Alabama propelled them into the deadly skies above Adolf Hitler's Third Reich.
Not only were they instrumental against the Nazi war machine, but also braved an equally great challenge, overcoming everyday bigotry amongst their fellow American soldiers as well as civilians at home. High in the heavens, they fought a battle that would change their country and their world forever.

It's debut time as we head over to see the Marvel new release: in the wake of Kamala's Law and his Grandfather's worsening health, Humberto Lopez, A.K.A. Reptil #1 (Terry Blas, Enid Balám), has taken a step back from crime-fighting to refocus on his family. Perhaps its a sign that he should give up on becoming a hero and finally come to terms with his parents' mysterious disappearance...or perhaps not! When a mysterious figure ambushes Humberto, what unravels will shake the core of everything Humberto thought he knew about his past and will either change the course of his future-or end it forever!

The Avengers-free world continues in a trio of new releases this week, starting with the possible return of hope for mutantkind in Heroes Reborn: Magneto and Mutant Force #1 (Steve Orlando, Bernard Chang). Years ago, Magneto and Professor X led Earth's mutants in a final push for independence against the Squadron Supreme of America. What followed was the Squadron's Mutant Massacre, a violent rebuttal that left Mutantkind forever wounded, and Xavier dead...or so Magneto thought. Years later, Magneto discovers Xavier clinging to life in the astral plane and gathers his allies for a first-of-its-kind rescue mission. Too bad the same mission puts the Mutant Force back on the Squadron's radar!.Failure means the last gasp of mutantkind, but success means the first breaths of something even more elusive to the mutants of Heroes Reborn: HOPE.

Next up is Heroes Reborn: Young Squadron #1 (Jim Zub, Steven Cummings). The Squadron Supreme of America have taken root in the hearts and minds of all, but none more so than a trio of youthful champions who call themselves the Young Squadron! Kid Spectrum (Sam Alexander), Girl Power (Kamala Khan) and the all-new Falcon (Miles Morales) are here to fight for truth, justice and the American flag...or are they? Beneath the flashy facade of colourful adventure, something grim is stirring and Deadpool is determined to bring it to light.

Finally for the big event this week is Heroes Reborn: Siege Society #1 (Cody Ziglar, Paco Medina), and the Black Widow and Hawkeye lead and assault on the Squadron.  After the Civil War that split the Squadron Supreme in half, Nighthawk formed his own Squadron in Europe. But not all of Europe is okay with it. Baron Zemo has put together his own team to take them down. Who's on this team...? Natasha Romanov, Clint Barton, Scott Lang and Victor Creed - the Squadron doesn't stand a chance.

Trade wise, recent events have taken their toll on Peter Parker's world. In the wake of "Last Remains," you'll never look at Norman or Harry Osborn the same again! We know Spider-Man certainly won't. But as Spidey continues to pick up the pieces and put his life back together, the gathering storms are swirling more and more violently. Mister Negative is back and wants only one thing: His own alter ego, Martin Li! But how is that possible? Meanwhile, Peter and Mary Jane have been through so much, and the specter of Spider-Man has been a constant strain on their relationship from day one. Is there anything left for them to cling to? As one era comes to a shocking end, an unexpected new day is dawning in The Amazing Spider-Man vol. 12 (Nick Spencer, Marcelo Ferreira, Mark Bagley)!

Earth's youngest heroes are Champions: Outlawed (Eve L. Ewing, Simone DiMeo, Kim Jacinto)! In the wake of a devastating tragedy, the United States passes a law that will shake the Marvel Universe to its core. The world has had enough of teen crimefighters. The crackdown has begun. And the lives of the next generation will never be the same again. But the world still needs heroes - and Ms. Marvel, Nova and Spider-Man will rise to the challenge as Champions once more! After Kamala Khan makes an unexpected and emotional announcement that her team won't go down without a fight, the group gathers to plan their next move. But the C.R.A.D.L.E. task force is hot on their trail - and there's a spy in their midst! Where is Riri "Ironheart" Williams in all this? Guest-starring the Champions' old friend Cyclops - and the seafaring Marauders!

As Asgardia's one-man secret service, Loki is ready to lie, cheat and steal his way through the most treacherous missions the All-Mother can throw at him - starting with a heart-stopping heist at Avengers Tower! Loki takes on Lorelei in Monte Carlo's casinos, heads to the ancient past on a quest for a magical sword and puts together a crew to crack the deepest dungeons of Asgardia itself! Plus: Axis pits him against the brutish Thor, god of evil! But who is King Loki? What vile scheme has he been brewing all this time? And what does this shadowy king's very existence mean for our Loki?Get the low-down on the second move popular prince of of the nine realms as Loki: Agent of Asgard (Jason Aaron, Al Ewing, Lee Garbett) drops this week.

Marvel-Verse: Shang-Chi (Various) - the martial arts master - and his deadly hands are full in these action-packed adventures! First, Wolverine seeks out Shang-Chi to train him in the skills necessary to defeat the savage Sabretooth! Then, a class at Midtown High leads Shang-Chi into a team-up with Spidey against Midnight and his ninja army - and the wall-crawler asks for Shang-Chi's guidance on learning a little Spider-Fu! Shang-Chi and his monkey pal, Chee, have their day off ruined by the ninjas of the Hand - and the deadly paws, hooves and claws of a small army of kung-fu animals! And the legendary hero pits his fists against the lethal blades of Lady Deathstrike!

Dawn of X vol. 16 (Various) and the stage is set for X OF SWORDS! Even with the help of Jean Grey, Emma Frost and Fantomex, can Storm save herself from the deadly techno-virus raging within her? The non-treaty nation of Russia is working to undermine Krakoa - and the Beast wants Colossus on X-Force's side as the first drumbeats of war begin to sound! With Excalibur embroiled in otherworldly conflict at the Starlight Citadel, Apocalypse takes sinister steps toward his ultimate goal. Now, with Rictor in his clutches, En Sabah Nur must survive long enough to complete the ritual he has waited eons for! And when the Summoning begins, nothing will ever be the same for the X-Men!

At last, it's the return of the legendary Milestone Comics in Milestone Returns: Infinite Edition #1 (Various)! This one shot features twenty-four all-new pages chronicling the events of the Big Bang: the police-brutality protest gone wrong that changed the face of the city of Dakota forever by unleashing a wave of superpowers across its population! As the world watches, a bullied teenager will become the hero known as Static... a framed scientist will go on the run as the superweapon Hardware... and a stranded alien will meet an ambitious young woman who will transform his life, and remake the pair as the all-powerful Icon and Rocket! Also included is the 17-page primer story originally released online during the world-famous DC Fandom event, further expanding on our heroes' origins and where they're going next... and setting up an entire world of allies, enemies, and surprises! The original Milestone changed the face of superhero comics forever, introducing the industry to a wave of Black talent who still shape the conversation...and the new Milestone intends to raise the bar! This is the perfect jumping-on point-don't miss out!

Spinning out of DC Future State, Mister Miracle: The Source Of Freedom #1 (Brandon Easton, Fico Ossio) is the story of how Shilo Norman became the Mister Miracle of tomorrow starts here. The Mister Miracle show used to be the hottest ticket in town, whether you caught him onstage escaping from perilous traps or spotted him on the streets of Metropolis taking out bad guys. What Shilo Norman forgot is the first rule of both showbiz and super-heroing: always leave them wanting more. Now it’s time to start showing the world what a miracle man can do. Showbiz/superhero rule #2: timing is everything. There’s a new performer in town who wants to knock Mister Miracle off his pedestal and stake a claim to his famous moniker! Can Shilo break free of this trap? (Why yes, that is a clue.)

Legends of the Dark Knight #1 (Various) is the return of the classic anthology series, with popular DC creators and new talent taking on Bruce Wayne's alter ego and his entire cast of rogues, foes and supervillains.

Courtney Whitmore’s spring break plans aren’t like your average high schooler’s, in DC special Stargirl: Spring Break (Geoff Johns, Jerry Ordway, Todd Nauck). Instead of hanging out with friends, she’s heading out on an adventure with her stepfather, Pat Dugan, a.k.a. S.T.R.I.P.E., and teaming up with his former team, the Seven Soldiers of Victory! The Soldiers are forced to reunite again to unearth the secret eighth Soldier of Victory, but what other secrets lie buried, and what does it all mean for Courtney’s future as Stargirl?

Ryusuke returns to the town he once lived in because rumours are swirling about girls killing themselves after encountering a bewitchingly handsome young man. Harboring his own secret from time spent in this town, Ryusuke attempts to capture the beautiful boy and close the case, but... Lovesickness (Junji Ito) collects ten stories showcasing the horror master in peak form, including "The Strange Hikizuri Siblings" and "The Rib Woman."

In the distant future, Asumi - a girl who has no clue to her memories but a drawing of a green-haired, pony-tailed person-finds her only friend in Asimov, a battered old delivery robot. The strange companions travel the stars together in search of the mysterious "Miku," only to learn the legendary idol has taken different forms on many different worlds, as Hatsune Miku: Future Delivery vol. 1 (Hugin Miyama, Satoshi Oshio) hits the manga section!

Hidden dungeons - legendary places that no one knows how to enter - are full of extremely rare items, incredibly dangerous beasts, and strange beings that can grant power beyond measure. Noir, the third son of a penniless baronet, just lost his job. He was contemplating becoming an adventurer when fortune struck only a mile from home, and he opened the entrance to just such a dungeon - a Hidden Dungeon Only I can Enter vol. 3 (Meguru Seto, Note Takehana)!

Rainbow & Black (Eri Takenashi) is about college student Shirahoshi Kuroe, who feels like she's living in black and white, and she longs for more excitement... until a small, rainbow, incredibly weird bird-thing brings colour to her life. Now they live together. Is this creature just a pet, or is it more like a roommate?

Oden's adventures continue as he travels the seas with the Whitebeard pirates. But how exactly did he meet Gold Roger? And what is going on back in Wano while he is away? One Piece vol. 96 (Eiichiro Oda) lands this week.

In a shocking twist, Kyousuke's sister Kirino has decided to study abroad . . . and Ruri Gokou, a.k.a. Kuroneko, is transferring to Kyousuke's school! Is his homeroom prepared to have the dark Queen of Nightmare among them . . . and is the manga world prepared when Kuroneko makes her first pitch to a professional company? One thing's for sure-Kyousuke will be by her side, supporting her. But how close is "by her side" going to be . . . ? Volumes 1 and 3 of Oreimo Kuroneko (Tsukasa Fushimi) come in to the store this week.

Life isn't easy for an orphan, especially when you're as good-looking as Gangyoo, in His House vol. 1 (Hajin Yoo). To survive on the streets, Gangyoo hires himself out to homely women in desperate need of a pretend boyfriend. Now in college, Gangyoo only needs one more gig to earn enough money to graduate and live a normal life. There's only one catch. His new client is a man named Soohyun. And there's only one problem. They hate each other. Being a pretend boyfriend has never been so hard. Little does Gangyoo know that his own seedy past will catch up to bite him... and Soohyun harbors a dark secret of his own.

Finally for manga fans, it's time to get involved in creating your own masterpiece, as we bring you Drawing and Painting Anime & Manga Faces (Nao Yazawa); Renowned Japanese manga artist and international instructor Nao Yazawa guides you step by step through all phases of drawing and painting anime and manga faces, from the basics of creating essential anime and manga characters to creating dynamic and authentic expressions to colouring and adding special touches. Learn about must-have supplies, basic drawing techniques, and a summary of the process from rough sketches to finished drawings. Explore how to draw key anime and manga characters as well as how to depict a range of emotions for each, from delight to sadness to terror.. Take your drawings to the next level by adding striking definition, stunning colour, and special finishing touches that will give your characters just the right note of authenticity.

There's plenty more to temp you also hitting the shelves this week so dive in below to see all this week's new releases!


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