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New Comics Day 25th September 2019 - Harleen, Harleen, Harleen, Harrrrllleeeeeeeen

This week DC bring us a stunningly beautiful new take on the origin of one Ms Harley Quinn, in Harleen (Stejpan Sejic), along with the trade release of The Flash: The Dastardly Death of the Rogues (Geoff Johns, Scott Kolins, Joel Gomez, Francis Manapul) which sees the fastest man alive take on the mantle of detective, to see who is killing off all his oldest and greatest foes.

Also this week from DC is the hardcover edition of this summers event Heroes in Crisis (Tom King, Clay Mann, Travis Moore, Lee Weeks, Mitch Gerads, Jorge Fornes), in which the heroes seeking respite in Sanctuary, a top secret PTSD-combating facility for capes face a new threat when their secrets are leaked and someone start killing the good guys...

Teen imprint DC Ink gives us Batman: Nightwalker (Stuart Moore, Marie Lu, Chris Wildgoose), where an impulsive 18 year old Bruce Wayne makes a mistake that lands him in Arkham Asylum. The latest offering from child-friendly imprint DC Zoom is this weeks Secret Spiral of Swamp Kid (Kirk Scroggs) that takes a look at the notebooks of a boy with a tree trunk for an air, and algae for hair, for for some reason doesn't seem to fit in at school...

We have comics creator royalty on the shelves this week with the release of New Mutants: War Children #1 (Chris Claremont, Bill Sienkiewicz) assembling a classic team to try and stop Warlock from accidentally ending the world. The dark side of the Marvel Universe is making an appearance this week, as Blade assembles a team to take on a new threat in Strikeforce #1 (Tini Howard, German Peralta). Everyone's favourite surly mutant is back in a special 1930's Hollywood era one shot this week, with Wolverine: Annual #1 (Jody Houser, Geraldo Borges) pitting the titular hero against a cult led by the deadly Morgan Le Fay!

Earths Mightiest Heroes are under threat in the classic-styled tale Avengers: Loki Unleashed (Roger Stern, Ron Lim). Also from Marvel this week is Captain America: Captain of Nothing (Ta-Nehisi Coates, Adam Kubert), the second trade of the on-going series that here sees Cap imprisoned and on the wrong side of the law.

On the Star Wars side of the Marvel Universe, we have Star Wars: Age of Resistance: Kylo Ren #1 (Tom Taylor, Leonard Kirk) which investigates whether the emo-teen can escape his famous grandfathers shadow.

You can jump into the Mystery Machine this week, with a 100 page Scooby Doo 50th Anniversary Special (Various), and in Relics of Youth #1 (Matt Nicholas, Chad Rebmann, Skylar Patridge) six teenagers across the globe share visions of an unknown island, and must come together to uncover the truth behind their visions and the mysterious tattoo that they all wake up with one day... The weirdness continues in Plot #1 (Michael Moreci, Tim Daniel, Josh Hixson) when an accident causes a man to take over the care of his niece and nephew in their ancestral home, with all the secrets it holds.

The Forever Maps #1 (Michael Lagace, Todor Hristov) takes us on a journey with a mysterious adventurer who must choose between immortality or a life worth living, and Ether: The Disappearance of Violet Bell #1 (Michael Lagace, Todor Hristov) continues the hit series that is Sherlock Holmes meets Dr Seuss.

The robots in disguise are back with a new title this week, Transformers Galaxies #1 (Tyler Bleszinski, Livio Ramondelli), which tells of the Construsticons, and why they were wiped from Cybertron's history! Valiant fans are in for a treat too, as a classic series returns with Bloodshot #1 (Tim Seeley, Brett Booth), and Tales of Terror: Bridgewater Triangle #1 (Brian Studler, Michael Dooney) focuses on six college freshmen who go in search of local legends, because they have clearly never seen how badly that always turns out.

SFSX Safe Sex #1 (Tina Horn, Michael Dowling) imagines an America where a group of underground queer sex workers fight to bring down a corrupt government, and in Pandemica (Jonathan Maberry, Alex Sanchez) a corrupt government plans to release ethnic-cleansing bombs with just a ragtag resistance of scientist and former Spec-Ops shooters standing in their way.

The Goon: A Ragged Return to Lonely Street (Eric Powell) sees the titular anti-hero return to his home town to find his absence has allowed miscreants and criminals to take over. 

What happens after you die, and can the smartest person on earth find out in the six months she has left to live? Those are the questions being posed in The Unknown (Mark Waid, Minck Oosterveer) omnibus this week. We also have the official prequel to the latest Netflix sensation, as Jim Henson's The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance #1 (Nicole Andelfinger, Matias Balsa) hits the stacks. Plus there is the Dark Crystal Little Golden Book (Jocelyn Lange, Bill Robinson) that retells the original movie in a form designed for younger readers. Also for our younger fans is Blastosaurus: Malloween Special (Richard Fairgray, Paul Eiding) which sees Blasto and the kids trying to solve the mystery of a haunted mall.

The epic Paper Girls (Brian K. Vaughan, Cliff Chiang) concludes with volume 6.

Volume 4 of the Eisner-award winning Monstress (Marjorie M. Liu, Sana Takeda) also lands this week, with Kippa in trouble and her friends facing their own struggles as they try to help her, and  TV-smash series tie-in Wynoonna Earp: Bad Day At Black Rock (Beau Smith, Tim Rozon, Chris Evenhuis) returns with a big bad trying to break his brother out of a secret prison facility. There is also Angel (Bryan Edward Hill, Gleb Melnikov) vol. 1, which gives us a new spin on the vampire cursed with a soul.

For anime fans - and food fans - we have Ms Koizumi Loves Ramen Noodles, a fun look at everyones favourite noodle dishes, plus we have Black Torch vol. 5 (Tsuyoshi Takaki) in which Jiro and friends must try to save the world. While in Honor and Curse: Torn (Mark London, Nicolas Salamanca) follows a man who struggles to come to terms with the demon inside him, a forbidden love's crazed father, and a fate yet to be determined. Obvs. 

Check out all the releases below and fire us a message if that essential something needs to appear in your pull list!


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