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New Comics Day 25th December 2019 - Christmas Incoming!

Marvel have the monopoly this week, as they release Incoming! (Al Ewing, Aaron Kuder, many more), the culmination of their 80th anniversary year celebrations. A murder has taken place that will bring together heroes as disparate as Jessica Jones and Valkyrie, Venom and Daredevil. But this game of life is high stakes, and will have repercussions throughout the entire Marvel universe - once they work out who the victim and murderer are! I think it was Spider-Man, in the library, with the lead piping...

Also out this week from the House of Ideas if Dr Strange: Surgeon Supreme (Mark Waid, Kev Walker) which sees the Sorcerer Surpremes' hands restored to all their neurosurgeon glory. But will he forsake his duties to go back to playing Operation, or is the pull of Magic just too strong?!

Lastly - but by no means least - from Marvel this week is Peter Porker: The Spectacular Spider-Ham (Zeb Wells, Will Robson), and this is one piggy you won't want to pass, as Spider-Ham and Spider-Man give readers a ticket to ride, for a time travel adventure like nothing you have ever seen before!

Finally this week is the complete six issue mini-series Faithless (Brian Azzarello, Maria Llovet) collected in one trade paperback, telling the story of Faith, sex and the Devil...!

As ever let us know what tickles your fancy and we shall tuck it away in the pull list of anticipation! 


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