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New Comics Day 25/10/2017 - Where Walks Eternity

Good Evening! I hope you have all had a great weekend and hope that the weather hasn't affected you all too much!

The comics publisher Valiant keeps going from strength to strength, Divinity I II and III were all incredible books, breaking the mould of what a superhero can be. Then came X-O Manowar, re-launched this year with a new series of 3 part comics that made it clear that our friendly Visigoth Aric is perhaps one of the most dangerous men in comics. Now just to cap the year off Valiant start Eternity #1, written once again by Matt Kindt, this series introduces a whole new part of the Valiant universe dealing with beings something akin to Kirby's New Gods, and maybe shedding a little light on the events that brought about Divinity. Looks like it's going to be another amazing read.

Thor: Where Walk the Frost Giants (from now forth to be know as Where the Frost Giants Are) is a one off story written by Ralph Macchio (not the Karate Kid despite how someone may have been playing with you), it features the original Thor fighting his way through the Frost Giants homeland of Niffleheim! This is an all new story and for those of you missing a bit of classic Mighty Thor action this should be right up your street!

Some more spooooky titles arise this week in time for Halloween - Goosebumps Monsters at Midnight crawls from under the bed and into pull lists this Wednesday as well as Jughead the Hunger which sees Archie undergoing a bit of a Werewolf Teen+ makeover in an ongoing title. Will Riverdale ever be the same again?

Donald Trump's (desperate bid for popularity) announcement that he will be releasing previously secret files relating to the death of JFK comes at a very odd moment for IDW and the writers of the X-Files JFK Disclosure #1. Will Mulder's father be involved or will it be merely fake news?

Last but not least DC Metal continues this week with The Merciless, and Marvel Legacy continues to bring it's own brand of fresh takes on classic characters.

See you all soon! 

Tom & Owen


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