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New Comics Day 24/01/2018 Judgement Bunny

Howdy Folks, New comics day is almost upon us once again and we are here to guide you through this week's new and interesting releases!

New starts this week are aplenty - Gears Of War's most iconic villain gets an origin story in Rise Of Raam #1 and fans of Hellblazer should check out Abbott #1 from Boom (as well as Hellblazer #18 also out this week!) 

Pete Milligan kicks off a new Legion mini-series as Legion gets counselling to sort out a particularly errant personality - Has he chosen his shrink wisely though?

Many will be pleased to see Raven back in a 12 issue maxi series Daughter Of Darkness.

The Inhumans have annoyed some gods - which is pretty careless but we all know Black Bolt and Medusa are royalty and do whatever they please - Will that come back to bite them in the Inhumans Judgement Day one-shot?

The small independent studio film Avengers Infinity War gets a prelude comic series starting this week - great for those looking for some lead in to the Marvel film event of the year!

Two rather cooky series also start with Stabbity Bunny #1 from Scout comics where kidnappers may well regret kidnapping the owner of the said bunny. Vinegar Teeth #1 from Dark Horse is billed as Lovecraft meets Lethal Weapon which will probably add it to a number of pull lists (including Owen's) all by itself!

Flash hits 700 issues and celebrates with a special variant cover - Keep an eye out for the annual coming soon which is a huge story for the speedy one.

Doomsday Clock hits issue #3 - after last issues revelations people are champing at the bit for this! Marvels big miniseries Phoenix Resurrection gets part #3 as well after a week's break and Sex Criminals returns after a break with a new story arc in #21.

There are quite a few noteworthy collections dropping as well - Stained TP and Savage Things which were highly rated by readers in singles as well as the always popular Predator series with Hunters TP.

We have it all! There is even a Five Nights At Freddy's card game arriving this week. 

As ever thanks for reading and let us know if we need to squirrel away any books for you and see you in the stores soon!

Owen, Tom & Aaron

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