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New Comics Day 23rd October 2019 - Face It Tiger...

Kah-ching! That's the sound of Marvel hitting the jackpot this week with a killer new title and a cracking creative team to boot, Amazing Mary Jane #1 (Leah Williams, Carlos E. Gomez) hits our shelves this week, and sees MJ headed to Hollywood in what may well be her big break... but this is comics, so expect drama, adventure and more than a little sass from the feisty Ms Watson. For the old-school readers out there we still have Peter Parker swinging in, as anthology piece Amazing Spider-Man: Full Circle (Nick Spencer along with everyone ever, basically) sees Peter (and Porker) Parker heading out on a world tour with the future of mankind at risk... We also have the trade release of Spider-Man: Life Story (Chip Zdarsky , Mark Bagley), the book that wondered what would have happened if Peter had aged in real time after being bitten as a 15 year old in 1962. If you somehow still need that spidey-itch scratched, why not try Amazing Spider-Man vol 5 (Nick Spencer, Kev Walker, Ryan Ottley, More).

Also new from the House of Ideas this week is Future Fight Firsts: Luna Snow #1 (Alyssa Wong, Gang Hyuk Lim) featuring the first comic book appearance of the K-Pop star turned Marvel hero Seol Hee from the popular mobile game! There is also an X-based super team hitting the deck in the form of Captain Kitty Pride, Storm, Pyro, Ice Man and Bishop taking to the sees for piratical adventures in Marauders #1 (Gerry Duggan, Matteo Lolli), whilst the Marvel Action Avengers vol 2 (Matthew K. Manning, Sean Parsons, Jimmy Reyes, Jon Sommariva) sees Earth's Mightiest heroes team up to find their missing friend, Thor, Dr Strange and Captain Marvel, and *you* get to decide what happens in Write Your Own Marvel which features artwork from many of Marvel's greatest, with all the text removed ready for you to make your own Marvel.

Just the one entry from the war of stars this week, with Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge trade (Ethan Sacks, Will Sliney) hitting the racks, to take you to a distant outpost that has only just been reached by the Black order - and is also a preview of the new themed land at Disney World!

DC continue their current event, Year of The Villain, with two new titles this week, Black Adam #1 (Paul Jenkins, Inaki Miranda) sees evil Shazam! taking on Black Adam for control of his kingdom, and in tie-in Aquaman Annual #2 (Kelly Sue DeConnick, Vita Ayala, Victor Ibanez) someone tries to take Arthur's life - and his dog has gone missing!

For a longer read there is also Black Canary: Ignite (Meg Cabot, Cara McGee), the latest teen-friendly book from the DC Zoom imprint, and there is also one new book from DC Vertigo, Hex Wives (Ben Blacker, Mirka Andolfo) in which a group of reincarnating witches take on the patriarchy this is trying to have them put down...!

Single issue wise it is a fairly light week for the indie publishers, with just four new titles to choose from: Money Shot #1 (Tim Seeley, Sarah Beattie, Kurt Michael Russell , Rebekah Isaacs) sees a group of inter-planetary scientists finding an unusual - and adult - way of financing their work in the outer space of the near future(Including a a couple of black-bagged variants with Mirka Andolpho on art!). Sticking with books for grown up there is also Unbound #1 (Ralph Tedesco, Keith Garvey) in which a monster hunting newbie teams up with an old hand to take on a werewolf leader. Also in the pre-Halloween spooky vein there is Betty and Veronica: Friends Forever: Supernatural Stories (Bill Golliher, Various) and Count Crowley: Reluctant Monster Hunter (David Dastmalchian, Lukas Ketner) about a new horror host who may have bitten off more than she can chew...!

We have something for everyone in the indie trades this week, from the stunning sci-fi anti-consumerism of Invisible Kingdom vol 1 (Willow Wilson,Christian Ward) to Skesis vs Gelflings in Jim Henson's Power of the Dark Crystal vol 2 (Si Spurrier, Philip Kennedy Johnson, Kelly Matthews).

If you are in the Halloween spirit check our haunted house tales Horde (Marguerite Bennett, Leila Leiz) or enter tin-foil-hat territory with Conspiracy: Illuminati New World Order (Hans Rodionoff, JG Miranda). Beyond: The Demon, The Sea (Ben Goldsmith, Davy Broyles) is a tragic love story set at sea and illustrated in the style of trad tattoos, while Ascender vol 1 (Jeff Lemire, Dustin Nguyen) picks up the tale of Descender ten years after the original tale ended.

There are also new graphic novels in the form of Ghost World (Daniel Clowes), inspiration for a new movie and telling the tale of two teenage girls growing up - and apart. Then there is Gramercy Park (Timothée de Fombelle, Christian Cailleaux) a tale of two very different individuals - a dancer and a kingpin of crime -  in the New York of 1954, separated by the titular locked park. Frank Cho: Ballpoint Beauties (Frank Cho, Mark Schultz) is a collection of the artwork of Cho, famed for his pen doodles, and Ignited (Mark Waid, Kwanza Osajyefo, Philippe Briones) examines what happens when six teenagers are given the chance to change the world.

Lastly for new manga this week is I Am A Hero vol 11 (Kengo Hanazawa), which sees the last vestiges of humanity fighting for survival.

Check out the rest of this week's releases below and as ever hit us up if your pull list needs some updates and we hope to see you in the store soon!



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