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New Comics Day 23rd December 2020 - Jingle Balls

First a little PSA - It's the last New Comics Day of the year! The UK distributors are taking a week off between crimbo and new year so books scheduled for the 30th December in the US are arriving the first week of January in the UK.

Now onto the last books of 2020.....

Discover an all-new one-shot story set during the hit film in Jim Henson: Labyrinth: Masquerade , as all is not as it seems with the guests of Jareth's famous Masquerade, as one participant slowly awakens to the reality of her topsy-turvy existence in the Goblin Kingdom when Sarah shatters the glass mirrors during her escape. But as this mysterious participant puts together the pieces, her discoveries threaten to unravel everything!

As the 20th century dawns, art promises to change the world...and steep it in blood. A rash of impossible killings sweep through Paris, tearing the rich and beautiful apart in their beds. When two art thieves stumble upon the portraits of the victims damaged in the exact same manner they died, it appears the man who once painted the immortal portrait of Dorian Gray has returned-with darker plans for future works. Find our more in The Picture of Everything Else #1 (Dan Watters, Kishore Mohan) one of the most anticipated releases of the year.

The first comic from the wildly popular Gloomhaven game launches a fantasy world unlike any in existence. Get ready for Quatryll punk bands, drug dealing Inox street gangs, and a dark God sleeping beneath the surface, eager to destroy the world.Check out Gloomhaven: Fallen Lion (Travis Mcintire, Nolan Nasser, Tyler Sowles ) to dive further into the lore...

It's the end of the first-ever Firefly comics event - and now everything changes! Shocking losses lead to stunning decisions as Mal and the crew of Serenity must face the consequences of their choices in war against the Blue Sun Corporation: the 'Verse is changing in ways no one ever expected - and a new chapter begins in Firefly: Blue Sun Rising #1 (Greg Pak, Dan McDaid)

It's a different take on a fairy tale as the Cinderella Bloody Xmas Annual 2020 (Dave Franchini) reminds us not to eat the *ahem* red snow this year. Or any year for that matter!

What do you call a team of secret agents sent out to investigate the strange and mysterious creatures said to walk among us? We call them... The Perphanauts #1 (Todd DeZago, Craig Rousseau), and from the death of the last Taarakian and a collapsed universe, Taarna was born. Heavy Metal's flagship character from the animated film returns in a new series of cosmic mystery and battles throughout the multiverse in her war against Kako, the embodiment of chaos in Taarna #1 (Stephanie Phillips, Patrick Zircher)

There is a new collection of holiday themed stories as Klaus: The Life and Times of Santa Claus (Grant Morrison, Dan Mora) sleds onto the shelves.

In The Man Who Effed Up Time (John Layman, Karl Mostert) Sean Bennett is just an ordinary lab worker in a high-tech lab with a prototype time machine. And, yeah, he's got the same temptations any of us would have about going back in time to right old wrongs. So, when he meets a version of himself from the future who encourages him to do just that, Sean takes the temporal plunge. Only...can you guess what happens next? Did you read the book title?

The bees are swarming. What do they know that we don't? The answer lies in The Seeds (Ann Nocenti, David Aja)

Captain Telsa is doing her best to shake off young Mila and Bandit, but things get harder once an old friend wants to tag along - it's the return of Driller Killer as Ascender vol. 3 (Jeff Lemire, Dustin Nguyen) drops onto the trade shelves this week, looking as stunning as ever.

Showcasing stories from some of the comics' greatest female creators, Drawing Lines: An Anthology of Women Cartoonists (various) features stories that range from mainstream adventures to hilarious comic shorts to heart-wrenching autobiographical stories-in a new, larger size!

It will take more than age to stop to the greatest warrior in comics history, as the Cimmerian blows outs the candles on his 50th birthday in King Size Conan (Richard Thomas, Kurt Busiek, Chris Claremont, Kevin Eastman, Steven S. DeKnight, Steve McNiven, Pete Woods, Roberto de la Torre, Kevin Eastman, Jesus Saiz), an oversize special spanning the breadth of Conan's life and times by the most dazzling array of creative talent ever assembled in one book to tread the jeweled thrones of the Earth! 

When a mysterious and ruthless new Ronin starts tearing a destructive path through the city, suspicion immediately falls on Hawkeye - but Clint Barton has more to worry about than who's wearing his old costume in Hawkeye: Freefall (Matthew Rosenberg, Otto Schmidt)

There's a new generation of wall-crawler as Araña vol. 1 (Fiona Kai Avery, Roger Cruz, Mark Brooks) spins onto shelves. A high school student receives a mysterious tattoo that grants her powers, but we all know that great power brings small print... On a slightly more brutal tack, this is The Authority vol. 1. Pay allegiance, or get your head kicked in. 

Marvel-Verse: Wanda & Vision (Kyle Higgins, Stephane Perger, more) takes us back to the origins of the greatest romance in Marvel history, between the synthezoid Vision and the reality-manipulating Scarlet Witch.

The biggest adventure in DC's history is here - Multiversity (Grant Morrison and everyone else ever) .Prepare to meet the Vampire League of Earth-43, the Justice Riders of Earth-18, Superdemon, Doc Fate, the super-sons of Superman and Batman, the rampaging Retaliators of Earth-8, the Atomic Knights of Justice, Dino-Cop, Sister Miracle, Lady Quark, and the latest, greatest superhero of Earth-Prime: YOU!

Batman Adventures: Robin - The Boy Wonder sees Bruce Wayne's original sidekick take the lead in a series of tales set in the world of The Animated Series, and sticking with all things Bar, Victor Fries has finally gotten his wish and defrosted his long-suffering wife Nora - but how will she take to the world that she finds herself in? And Bats wouldn't do anything to ruin Freezes new found happiness... would he? All the answers lie in Batman: Detective Comics vol. 4.

The demonic Batman is up against Superboy Prime this week, a sentence that will hopefully be comprehensible to anyone picking up Dark Nights Death Metal: The Secret Origin #1 this week.

It's nearly the end of the Endless Winter ... this is the Neverending Story all over again isn't it? Anyway, the penultimate issue of the latest DC event drops this week in the form of Black Adam: Endless Winter Special #1, as the titular character heads to Gotham City to demand action, but is keeping secrets of his own.

Lex Luthor visits the Cheetah and gives her everything she needs to slake her thirst with Diana's blood once and for all-specifically, the mythological sword called the God Killer in Wonder Woman vol. 3. Then after the explosive conclusion to their Gemworld adventure, the team is having a tough time finding their way back to their Earth in Young Justice vol. 2.

Everyone's favorite Scarlet Speedster is here to answer all your burning questions in Flash Facts (ed. Mayim Bialik, PhD) an exciting journey that examines everything from the vast expanse of our galaxy to the smallest living organism known to man.

Hotel Transylvania: Motel Transylvania is an all-new story taking place before and tying into the third movie, in which Jonathan, yearning to be a part of the hotel business like his father-in-law, Drac, opens a motel in the Swiss alps. What could possibly go wrong?

Diary of a Nerd HC vol. 1 (Philip Osbourne, Roberta Procacci) stars Phil, a twelve-year old boy living in Manhattan, NY. He is a talented, self-professed nerd...an intellectual who enjoys spending his days with his friends, known as "The Geek Team". 

The blockbuster action manga that inspired the epic anime stampedes towards its climax as Attack On Titan vol. 32 (Isayama Hajime) lands, and Street Figher Gaiden (Itou Mami) brings the classic Street Fighter cast to life in this never-before-translated manga series - volumes 1 & 2 available this week!

The Fighter, the Sorceress, the Elf, the Wizard, the Amazon, and the Dwarf. These six heroes have come together to quest for riches, for glory, and for the honor of the kingdom of Hydeland! (Though really, it's mostly for the riches...) - read the tales of their heroism in Dragons Crown (Atlus, Yuztan) vol. 1 and 2.

When a great assassin is reborn in another world, he finds himself the heir to a long line of killers from the shadows. With both his modern-day knowledge and experience and the special magic and techniques of this new world, he could very well become the most unstoppable assassin in history...! Worlds Finest Assassin: Reincarnated World vol. 1 starts the story.

Check out all this week's releases below and we hope to see you in the shop soon!!

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