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New Comics Day 20th March 2019 - Spiders, Bats and vampires... is it October?!

Greetings comics fans - we have counter-seasonal programming from the comics publishers this week with a distinctly Octoberish release slate!

Marvel are opening up a new chapter in the life of everyone's favourite web-slinger, with Spider-Man: Life Story #1 of 6 (Chip Zdarsky, Mark Bagley) launching this week. With Peter Parker having graced the pages of Marvel comics for sixty years, this new series looks at what would have happened if he had actually aged in real time, opening with the 60's and a question of loyalty and where he is needed more - Manhattan or Vietnam?

There is also the new Spider-Man: City At War #1 of 6 (Dennis Hopeless, Michele Bandini, Clayton Crain), which ties in to the award winning game from last year, and gives us more of the story than ever before. Plus this week sees the release of Black Panther Vs Deadpool (Daniel Kibblesmith, Ricardo Lopez Ortiz, Ryan Benjamin) in trade form, for those of you who have always wondered how the Merc with a Mouth would fare against the King of Wakanda!

DC are also releasing the trades thick and fast, with Dark Knights Metal: Dark Knight Rising (too many creators to mention. Really, check the website, it's insane how many people worked on this book!), and Batman: Vol 9: The Tyrant Wing (see previous comment about creative teams) both dropping this week, alongside the usual single issues of Batman, Aquaman and Justice League. The big release from DC this week though is their new Modern Classics hardcover slipcase edition of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons seminal work Watchmen

The range of indie publishers releasing new titles this week is huge, so lets get straight in to it with Aftershock's new release Dark Red #1 (Tim Seeley, Corin Howell, Aaron Campbell), a tale of loneliness, boredom and vampirism in middle-America. Berger Books have a new monthly space-epic from fan-favourites G. Willow Wilson and Christian Ward, in the form of Invisible Kingdom #1, dealing with corporations and religion conspiring to keep the people down in a far-flung star system. 

IDW are bringing out the long-awaited Dungeons and Dragons: A Darkened Wish #1 (B Dave Walters, Tess Fowler) to scratch the itches of all the D&D and Critical Role fans out there. From Scout comics there is Rise #1 (Don Aguillo), telling the tale of an orphan who must pass a series of trials to take the throne of her kingdom, aided by strangers with secrets of their own. Plus Valiant are releasing a new six-parter in the form of Life & Death of Toyo Harada (Joshua Dysart, CAFU, Mico Suayan, David Mack) exploring whether the worlds most powerful man is a force for good... or evil?!

Finally for single issues Image give us the long-awaited return of Greg Rucka and Michael Lark's post-apocalyptic tour de force Lazarus, with Lazarus Risen #1, a new over-sized quarterly edition, complete with back-up stories and new add-ons for the Lazarus RPG - a genuine must for fans of the series!

Trade wise it's also a big weeks for the independents, with Adventure Time vol. 16 (Kevin Cannon, Joey McCormick, Shelli Paroline) taking us back to the land of Ooo with Finn and Jake,  Night Witches (Garth Ennis, Russell Braun) collecting three tales of Russian female flying aces for the first time, Nancy Drew: Palace of Wisdom (Kelly Thompson, Jenn St-Onge, Tula Lotay) returning the teen detective to her home town, and Jim Henson: Labyrinth Tales (Cory Godbey) fleshing out the stories of character such as Sir Didymus and Hoggle from the popular movie.

On the weirder side of the comics world we have Crowded volume 1 (Christopher Sebela, Ro Stein, Ted Brandt), set ten minutes in the future when everything can be done via app or crowdfunding - even murder. Funny, thought-provoking and occasionally a little rude, this series is a future classic. Another surprising hit from 2018 is collected this week in Ice Cream Man: Rainbow Sprinkles (Maxwell Prince, Martin Morazzo) a collection of seemingly disparate tales of existential dread, terror and musical fantasy with one thread running through them... the presence of the ice cream man, complete with colourful truck and twinkly music...

Finally there's a couple of releases this week for adults only, with Sunstone volume 6 (Stjepan Sejic) hitting the (top) shelf, continuing the BDSM-laden story of Anne and Alan, exploring romance, love and bondage... Also for the grown-ups is The Boys omnibus (Garth Ennis, Darick Robertson), collecting together the first 14 issues of the acclaimed (and super violent) series about a group of individuals tasked with policing the superheroes of their world. 

That's it for new books this week folks, thanks for coming on the ride with us and don't forget to let us know what you would like added to your pull lists from this weeks releases. See you all in the shop soon & have a great week!

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