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New Comics Day 1st May 2019 - Villainy May

Nope, not the title of an upcoming Brexit critique, but the month in which DC's Year of the Villain begins - Everyone with a pull-list is getting a copy free of charge this week :) (Don't worry we also have plenty available for Free Comic Book Day!) - Yes DC are kicking off their Year of Villain with a special featuring a number of short stories showcasing the DC villains getting organised and setting up a whole year of trouble for the DC heroes.

Kudos also to Rebellion for also releasing a similarly titled one shot for the 2000AD  universe ;)

DC also unleash zombie horses into the DC universe with DCeased #1 from Tom Taylor and Trevor Hairsine, techno virus -> zombies -> Zombie Heroes? 

Marvel, not to be outdone, have a new Avengers team arriving featuring , it seems, anyone with a sullen temperament and/or a short fuse - Punisher, Wolverine, Elektra and Venom along with the Cimmerian head-lopper himself Conan!

Add in a bunch of new indie releases, some Star Wars specials and reprints, continuing special series and we have a bit of a blockbuster week leading into....

FREE COMIC BOOK DAY this Saturday May 4th - You are all coming to get free comics and raise money for charity right?!?!

See you all in the shop soon & have a great week!



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