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New Comics Day 17/01/2018 - Ice Cream of Hate

Hi everyone! Sorry for the delayed post update, we've had some setbacks and technical problems that have conspired to make things considerably more complicated than normal.

So to get things back on track here is a briefer than normal overview of this weeks comics!

New number ones this week come in the form of:

  • Ice Cream Man: Weirdness abounds in this story of Ice Cream and monsters.
  • Days of Hate
  • Damage: Fans of DC Metal should, DC's cross between the Hulk (although green trousers and purple skin) and Ultraman.
  • Belle Beast Hunter
  • The Further Adventures of Nick Wilson
  • Robyn Hood the Curse
  • Watchvark
  • Strangers in Paradise returns for a 25th anniversary reunion issue!

As usual we have new Pop's, Graphic Novels, board games and cheery smiles for you all. Hope to see you tomorrow!

Tom & Owen

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