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New Comics Day 14/03/2018 - Eternity Girls

It's new comic book time again, and this week is packed with new mini-series and one-shots not to mention an unseasonable amount of horror! So without further ado lets have a delve!

Spinning off from the DC Young Animals - Milk Wars event, we have Eternity Girl. Caroline Sharp will literally live forever, and that's a thought that weighs heavy on her. What would she do for the chance to end it all? Can she even trust her nemesis to follow through?

Neil Gaiman returns with his American Gods! Shadow and Wednesday continue their efforts to gather support for the coming war of the gods (hopefully coming to pay per view sometime soon). If you've read the book, or seen the TV show this is the graphic novelisation for you.

The New Mutants are back! And definitely not because there is a movie in the works. Ever the darker side of the X-men universe, this young team looks to be straddling the line between Scooby Do and Hellblazer, or perhaps some sort of X-men-files.......

Archie Horror brings us Vampironica, sort of a reverse Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Veronica has been turned and her insatiable thirst threatens to turn Riverdale into River-of-blood-dale. Will she hold it together or will Betty push her a step too far?

We also have the usual batch of graphic novels, merchandise and this week we also have Action Comics #999 getting ready for Action Comics #1000 in a fortnight!

See you all in the shop soon! Have a great week!

Tom and Owen

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