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New Comics Day 14/02/2018 - The Romantic One

Hi Everybody!

The dark time is almost with us, the stars are right, and grim portents adorn cards and other bizarre paraphernalia. Yes, Valentines Day is almost upon us.

We may have been spoiled by last week's Backstagers and Wicked and the Divine Specials, because this week there only seems to be one comic getting in the mood and that is about a man who can see Cupidae and his crusade to exterminate them. Maybe Death of Love isn't the Valentines comic we want but is it the one we need (probably not)?

What other new number ones do we have for you this week?

  • Kick-Ass - No it's not 2008. Yes it really has been 10 years. Yes you are old. Millar and Romita Jnr return to give us an all new Kick-Ass, can they do it again, and is it fair on everyone else if they do?
  • Sideways -  Straight from the desk of the great Dan DiDio himself. This is a book peripheral to Dark Nights Metal, and covers the life of Derek James. Derek finds that he can slip between worlds and that the rifts he's using are damaging the fabric of reality. Does he have some 'splaining to do to Batman and chums or is he merely a symptom of a deeper problem in the universe?
  • Iron Maiden Legacy of the Beast - The comic book of a mobile game about an album written by Iron Maiden. Fair enough! Eddie has had his soul torn apart and must now battle across space to gather it's pieces and stop reality from falling apart! Read it while listening to this soundtrack!
  • Dark Knights Rising: The Wild Hunt - Another awesome cover for the fans of DC Metal. This week we find out more about "The Metal Men", will Detective Chimp be one of them?
  • Shade the Changing Girl Wonder Woman Special - Milk Wars the Young Animals big event continues this time with Shade and Wonder Woman. Shade's perhaps one of the few heroes who could fix what's going on, but she's in multiple pieces. Also features more from the Eternity Girl story.
  • Cold War - What happens when you trust that the future will save you and you arrive to find that not only does it not want you, but that it's involves in a war and you've been conscripted? A nice twist on the optimistic Science fiction stories about cryonics curing all ills. Concept reminds me a little of John Scalzi's Old Man's War and to a lesser extent Joe Haldeman's Forever War.
  • Charismagic - Aspen brings us the third volume of their epic adventure about actual magic and in this case Vegas. For those of you wanting to catch up on things, we have the Charismagic Primer for just 50p and that should give you everything you need. Looks like a lot of fun!

Let us know if you would like anything put aside for you, or if you're not local just order through the links below!

Look after yourselves and have a great week!

Tom & Owen

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