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New Comics Day 10/01/2018 - Dejah Vs VU

Greetings from CGC Towers - Hopefully all of you have started your new fitness regime (after finishing the last of the xmas stilton for breakfast), shaken off the mince pie crumbs and are raring to go on another week of new and exciting reads!

Marvel give us Old Man Hawkeye #1 - set 5 years before Old Man Logan we find an ageing Hawkeye wanting revenge for his fallen colleagues but also starting to lose his most important tool - sight....

Statix give us Atlas & Axis #1 (with cover by Lenore artist Roman Dirge!) - When roaming warriors Atlas and Axis return home to find that their village has been destroyed by Viking raiders, they set off on a perilous journey across land and sea to save their friends! 

Dejah Thoris #0 arrives from Dynamite at the rather attractive price point of 25p - A prequel to Princess Of Mars this is a great intro to the new on-going series.

We get some craziness as Ninja-K Vs The Valiant universe kicks off (literally) and serves as a great introduction to the VU for anyone who has not yet sampled them :)

Eternal Empire #6 begins it's second story arc and is a favourite here at CGC so jump on with this issue or grab the first collection which we also have available.

Also of note is Avengers #675 - The Avengers goes weekly for the new 16 part No Surrender Story arc that will mark the end of an era for the Avengers as all the various teams come together to deal with the Earth being stolen!

We also have a few one-shots with Trump Taking on Zuckerberg in the latest Trumps' Titans, a previous Lootcrate Exclusive Harley Quinn story - Careful What You Wish For gets a release with extra pages added and finally the X-Men Gold Annual which should do well here as it features the 30th Anniversary of Excaliber!

There are some exciting TP releases this week with Wicked + Divine TP 06 and Descender TP 05 which both continue to grab readers (plus we are starting to run low on the WD Xmas special so grab one soon if you want it!)

Funkotown has some new arrivals with wave 2 of the Bombshells Pops and a new flock of Porgs will also be roosting on the shelves with a Target Exclusive variant as of Wednesday!

As ever let us know if you want anything tucked away safely for your arrival and we hope to see you in the stores soon!

Owen, Tom & Aaron

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