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New Comics Day 07/02/2018 - The One Before The Romantic One

Greetings one and all!

It's New Comics Day time again, and this week gives us clear warning of the malevolent spectre of Valentine's day creeping insidiously towards us....

Yes, Backstagers has a Valentines special, Green Lanterns has a heart on the cover and a new weekly 4 issue mini series from Alex De Campi called Twisted Romance kicks off ;)

In other less amorous starts:

-Dejah Thoris #1 has the Barsoomian (?!?) Princess on a quest to save the planet (and we still have 25p issue #0s if you want to give the title a try)

- Adam Warlock returns as part of Infinity Countdown with art by Allred

- Legenderry Red Sonja returns with a new #1 (and a Joe Benitez cover for the Lady Mech fans out there)

- The Young Animals/DC crossovers continue with Batman / Mother Panic in Milk Wars part 2 - again with Frank Quietly cover art

- If necromancy and ghost squirrels are a thing for you then pick up Songs For The Dead #1 from Vault comics

- Image debut Vs #1 from Ivan Brandon and Esad Ribic - War is now a spectator sport. Privately funded armies of superstar soldiers march into battle for fame, profit, and the glory of their sponsor nations. (and probably government policy is a few years ;))

- Also from Image is the latest WicDiv one-shot 1923 which look pretty special with a huge amount of work and research being put in by Gillen during scripting and art from Aud Koch

- Finally, Tom King and Jason Fabok pay tribute to the legendary creators of Swamp Thing, writer Len Wein and artist Bernie Wrightson, as they join forces for Swamp Thing Winter Special that also features the last swamp thing script from Len Wein. 

As ever look through all the new arrivals below or on the jump and let us know if you need us to keep anything aside for you!

See you in the shops soon!!

Owen, Tom & Aaron

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