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New Comic Book Day 30th January 2019 - Giant Mysteries of Love

Hey folks, welcome to another week in the world of comics, we have stacks of new releases to tell you about this time round (nearly 200 new things arriving in the shop!), so lets jump right in! 

Marvel are bringing another event our way, and kick it off this week with Age of X-Man Alpha #1, written by Zac Thompson and Lonnie Nadler, with art from Ramon Rosanas. The book sees some of the classic X-character landing in a seeming utopia, where mutant and man can finally find peace together. But lets face it, that's never going to last is it? Especially not with the likes of Magneto, Jean Grey and Nightcrawler bamf-ing around the place.  There is also a Journey Into Unknown Worlds one-shot, giving a pair of stories from Cullen Bunn and Clay McLeod Chapman, with a slew of artists providing the pictures, these books are a throwback to the Marvel sci-fi spectaculars of the past, and form part of the 80th anniversary celebrations for the House of Ideas.

On the flipside of the big two coin DC are having a business-as-usual kind of a week, with new issues of Flash, Batman Beyond and Action Comics all hitting the shelf, along with the intriguingly titled 80-page giant Mysteries of Love In Space #1. The mind boggles... Apparently featuring a host of DC talent, including James Tynion IV and Tom Grummet, this book features six all new stories of love and romance - alien style!

The indie publishers are out in force with new titles this week, with Dynamite providing the pun-tastic Kieron Gillen and up and coming artist Casper Wijngaard with a home for Peter Cannon: Thunderbolt. Any fan of Gillen's work will know that his foray into the superhero genre isn't going to be your usual capes and cowls fare, and this new book looks to be as humourous as it is dark. On a lighter note Dynamite are also giving us a four part mini-series in The Shape of Elvira #1 this week, with the Mistress of the Dark landing herself a movie role that seems slightly fishy...

Dark Horse are also looking to pull you to their side of street this week with Wyrd #1 bringing a spin to the classic "who do you call when the case is strange" tale. This isn't a case for Mulder and Scully though, but for the appropriately named Pitor Wyrd. Let's be honest, he was hardly going to end up working in a bank with a name like that... Curt Pires and Antonio Fuso kick of this tale in the Crimea, with monsters, super-soldiers and a trail of bodies all looking to entice you.

Tyler Durden fans get a third bite of the cherry in Fight Club 3 #1 - Just make sure you don't talk about it! (whoops!)

For those of you looking for a longer read, the dark tale of revenge Shanghai Red is released in trade this week. From the pen of Christopher Sebela and with art from the incomparable Josh Hixon, the setting is Portland in the late 1800s, a city filled with corruption, crime, kidnapping and murder. Following a sailor who was sold to a ships captain after one too many drinks, this tale of family, identity, and violent retribution will satisfy even the most blood-thirsty reader.

As ever let us know what needs to magically appear in your pull list!

See you all in the shop soon & have a great week!

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