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New Comic Book Day - 2nd March 2022 - Kill some time....

...with the great new books landing on the shelves this week

Top of the pile, and perfectly timed with The Batman landing in cinemas this week, is Batman Killing Time - Catwoman, The Riddler and Penguin take on a young Batman in this latest series from Tom King.

Rogue Sun is a super-hero who-dunnit set in the Image Comics super-hero universe

Teen Titans, The Flash and Suicide Squad fans get a crossover event (and an extra book in pull lists) with War For Earth 3 

Spoiler alert - Doctor Strange is dead! long live the new sorcerer supreme! Find out who in Strange #1

We also have the long delayed What If? Miles Morales was Captain America?

See below for the full view on all this week's releases :)

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