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Amonkhet League - A new casual way to play Magic The Gathering


If you are interested in Magic The Gathering but are not keen on the tournament formats then the Amonkhet League, starting this Friday, may be just the game for you.

You enter the league by buying 3 booster packs of Amonkhet - you get a free deck box to store the cards in. You then build a minimum 30 card deck to play in store (decks are stored in the shop but you take the cards home at the end of May). 

You can play any number of league games against other league members.

Each match is just one game and you get a free mulligan per match.

Each week you can add a booster pack to your card pool and an additional pack if you get 3 losses (so max of 2 per week)

If you play 10+ games you earn one of the Amonkhet promo 4-sided dice.

We have some extra prizes for bringing in new players and those improving their standard game (As well as a league winner prize ;))

Any questions just shout below!

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