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A brief note about the Marvel Lenticular covers

The first wave of lenticular covers arrive for Marvel's Legacy event this week and we wanted to explain a bit about how we, as a shop, had to order these and why they are going to cost more.

Ordering comics is a strange process - we tell the publishers how many of each comic we think we will want 2 months in advance, then we get a window to tweak those numbers a bit later (largely based on pull lists and sales), then after a while the comics arrive!

Just to complicate things the Marvel lenticular covers required an ordering threshold to allow us to stock them - which requires some further explanation - so lets use Avengers an an example:

Marvel say if we want to be able to order the Avengers #972 lenticular cover we have to order 175% of our order for the main cover of Avengers #7 which was released back in May (so variants won't count, in this case a blessing and a curse).
Avengers #972 Lenticular Cover Avengers #7 Main Cover
So if we ordered 15 copies of the main cover for Avengers #7 we need to order at least 27 (175% of 15 = 26.25) copies of the standard cover before we can even order any of the lenticular covers.

Marvels rationale for this is that the big event should increase sales but from experience we can tell you that no matter how much we advertise or push the event sales will not increase by 175%. This means we are being asked to order product we don't think will sell just to get 3D covers.

The only way for this to make sense is for retailers to charge more for the lenticular covers - which isn't much fun for us or for you the customer :(

So we are going to try and find a middle ground. We are going to bundle the Marvel lenticular covers with a copy of the standard cover and charge standard price on both. You get a pristine lenticular cover and a reading copy in a bundle. 

If you're not interested in lenticular covers and just want to get a normal copy that's fine too we'll have the normal cover out for sale as usual on the shelves.

We hope that makes sense but let us know if you have any questions!

Owen & Tom

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