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X-Wing Casual Tournament

X-Wing Casual Tournament


*Due to current safety restrictions tournaments are limited to 8 players. All tickets must be purchased in advance online or in store. We require contact details for all players for track and trace purposes. A mask must be worn for the duration of the tournament covering both nose and mouth, the ticket price includes a high grade mask. Moving between rounds will be communicated by staff members - please listen to their instructions carefully. 

This is a 200pt HYPERSPACE FORMAT tournament - Ship choice will be limited solely to those permitted by the Hyperspace format.

There are 8 places available in total. We will be doing 3 Swiss rounds - with no top cut for this event.

Each player is required to bring a written/printed copy of their squad.

Players must provide all tokens, templates and cards required. Proxies are not allowed.
Tickets are £10. Registration is from 5.30pm with an expected 6pm start time.

Prizes are from the current prize kit 

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