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The Hen Commandments

The Hen Commandments


The Hen Commandments is probably the only chicken-based, religion-building party game in existence. This is a good thing.

  • 30 seconds to learn; impossible to master
  • Create a new religion in 45 minutes
  • Games range from profane to profound
  • Improves with (holy) wine
  • Try our online chicken wisdom generator:www.thehencommandments.com

Years ago, in a practice called Alectryomancy, chickens were used to divine the future. Today, as fortold in the prophecy known as the 'Second Clucking', a holy chicken is laying eggs with mysterious messages on them; they are new commandments for a new future... THE HEN COMMANDMENTS!

You are a disciple of Heninism, a little known and overlooked religion. It is your duty to interpret the holy chicken's confused commandments and convince all the other disciples that your reading is the correct one.

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