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A seemingly numberless horde of ghastly super-predators, adapted bio-weapons optimised for the kill - the Tyranids emerge from the cold darkness of the intergalactic void. They hunt, kill and feed endlessly, stripping the galaxy of all organic matter they encounter, ravenously devouring every morsel of life and leaving nothing but dead, scarred rocks in their wake.

This is a great-value box set that gives you an immediate collection of fantastic Tyranid miniatures, which you can assemble and use right away in games of Warhammer 40,000! You’ll receive a Hive Tyrant, a set of three Tyranid Warriors, a ten-strong Gargoyle Broodand an exclusive Tyranids Formation rules sheet - the Hive Vanguard - allowing you to collect, assemble and play with your new miniatures right away!

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