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More action and adventure in the future-shocked world of Judge Dredd! Two new stories start this issue - Death and the Dark Judges are back as "Dominion" by John Wagner and Nick Percival picks up where "Dark Justice" left off, and the undead fiends are found floating in space. Plus we return to the world of the movie Dredd for a new comic sequel, "Furies," by Arthur Wyatt, Alex De Campi, and Paul Davidson, in which a criminal gang recruit a member with particularly unique skills for a daring robbery. In addition, simian Judge Harry Heston returns in "Ape Escape" by Arthur Wyatt and Jake Lynch; Psi-Judge Anderson battles against a menace that's infiltrated the city in "NWO" by Alan Grant and Paul Marshall; and in "HAVN" by Si Spencer and Henry Flint, Abby's visions are starting to overwhelm reality. And in the bagged graphic novel this month, torn from the pages of Tornado, is criminal caper The Lawless Touch by Kelvin Gosnell and Barry Mitchell!

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