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Goodnight Azathoth

Goodnight Azathoth


Goodnight Humans Everywhere!

"Above the deep black pool
There was a telephone
And a mad Abdul
And a picture of..."

Renowned Mythos aficionado Ken Hite gives us a delectably subversive bedtime story about the end of all humanity.Award-winning illustrator Christina Rodriquez (The Antarctic Express) joins him in this Lovecraftian retelling of the beloved children's classic, "Goodnight Moon."

Goodnight Azathoth is the perfect way for parents to share a love of Lovecraft with their children. Drawing deeply from the classics "Azathoth", "Nyarlathotep", and "The Silver Key," younger readers will delight in a Mythos tome written with them in mind, while more seasoned Cthulhu aficionados will be amply rewarded by close reading and re-reading. Prepare the people you love for the end of everything with Goodnight Azathoth!

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