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Gale Force Nine

Dune: Board Game

Dune: Board Game

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The much anticipated reprint for the 1979 classic, Dune is finally here… and it does not disappoint!

Don’t be turned off by the stated 120-minute playtime on the box! Although this may look like a heavy Euro game, it’s easy to learn and get into and the play is engaging enough to while away the hours in what feels like no time at all. 

In Dune, you choose from one of the six asymmetric factions all featuring their own balanced unique strengths and weakness. The art and design is crisp and appealing, the components are great and help in delivering a solid a play through.

In essence, Dune is a race to be the first to occupy the required amount of strongholds, whether on your own or working in an alliance. You will need to strategise when is the best time to bring in your troops, where to send them, how to collect that much needed Spice, and if a battle is needed to accomplish these feats.

You must do this without attracting a deadly Sandworm attack or having your best laid plans destroyed by the passing Storm that sweeps around the board every turn.

And when all is done, and a victor is crowned, all you will be left thinking is when will be our next game of Dune be, because I want to try out this tactic or that new strategy! 

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