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Desert Island

Desert Island


In 1913, when the HMS Arden unexpectedly struck 3 icebergs crossing the Atlantic, you were lucky enough to find refuge in a Lifeboat. After surviving a peril filled voyage, land was finally sighted...in the South Pacific. The initial relief of reaching land has long ended and your hope is now to be rescued. Fortunately, among the flotsam and jetsam of the shipwreck are items that may help you survive. There also appears to be evidence that pirates inhabited the island many years ago. What could they have left behind? Amidst all the natural perils of the island, perhaps your fellow castaways may prove to be the most deadly adversaries of all on Desert Island.

Desert Island is a Character-driven card game where 4-6 players take on the role of Edwardian-era castaways, marooned on a desert island. Playing time is 1 to 2 hours, for passengers and crew, ages 13 years and up.

This is a complete stand-alone game that includes everything you need to play. It uses a secret Love and Hate mechanic to create a web of social dynamics. At the end of the game, you score points for your own survival and that of your secret Love. You also gain points if your secret, hated adversary dies and reap bonus points for whatever Pirate Loot you can find before everyone is rescued.

You get one action each turn and may choose from foraging, preparing the signal fire or taking stuff from other players. Possible things up for grabs include: Food, useful Tools & Weapons, Pirate Treasure, or someone's little corner of paradise. You can also ask nicely, and perhaps your target just might be your benefactor. As part of your action the Fate card you choose will contribute to the outcome of which unfortunate event occurs, what Location is unsafe and who will be touched by the Hand of Fate.

From the sunny Beach to the windswept Cliffs, each Location on the island provides a unique benefit (or curse) so stealing a location might be more valuable than stealing your enemy's treasure or food.

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