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MTG: Commander 2016 Deck

MTG: Commander 2016 Deck



For the first time, the 2016 Edition Commander Decks introduce four-coloured pre-constructed decks that will take social games of Magic the Gathering to a whole new level. Each of the five new Commander 2016 Decks contain pre-constructed decks consisting of 100 cards that are playable in the popular multiplayer Commander format right out of the box. These cards consist not only of popular reprints that are legal in both legacy and vintage Magic the Gathering formats, but each new Commander Deck also includes 15 brand new, never-before-seen cards, for a total of 56 new Magic the Gathering cards in the whole set. Each new Commander Deck has its own theme and play strategy that brings excitement to the multiplayer format, so why not collect all 5 Commander 2016 Decks?

Commander 2016 Deck Contains the following: 

  • A 100 card Commander Deck.
  • 4 foil Legendary Commander cards.
  • One foil oversized Commander card.
  • 10 double sided tokens.
  • A deck storage box.
  • A strategy insert and rules reference card.

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