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Chocolate Factory

Chocolate Factory

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Set in the early 20th century of entrepreneurs and chocolatiers experimenting with new ways to create and market chocolates, YOU are assigned the task of Chief Chocolatier!

Compete to run the best Chocolate Factory! Featuring a literal engine (powered by coal), physical conveyor belts to push your tiles through (using double layered player boards), a cast of employees to hire, varied factory parts, and a huge pile of wooden and custom chocolate pieces. 

Make the best chocolate you can and sell it all to corner shops and department stores. Earn the most profit to become the champion chocolatier!

Includes A new "expert chocolatier" pack FREE with the Kickstarter version (and purchasable to non-backers after a minimum of 3 months of sending the game to backers) 

This new pack allows for a new employee set to be mixed in with the standard employees that do not correspond to department stores but give one off but excellent bonuses to help you achieve your targets.

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