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Chaos Space Marines Daemon Prince

Chaos Space Marines Daemon Prince


Daemon Princes are infernal monsters that tower over the mortals they lead to battle. These paragons of evil take many forms, though all exude a palpable aura of terror and power. In battle, a Daemon Prince strides through the pitiful bullets of the enemy without pause, his unnatural laughter driving men to the edges of fear.

The Daemon Prince model displays the full extent of the horrific effects of the Warp. Distorted to hideous, gargantuan proportions, there are a number of features of note: one knee has transformed into a daemonic head; numerous wires criss-cross the torso; huge horns curve out from a ferocious-looking head; skull trophies hang from the ribcage, shoulder pads and thigh; two fleshy skulls, still connected to a mutated and bony neck, jut outward above its head. In an enormous hand, it clutches a blade.

This is a finely detailed resin cast kit, and contains 13 components and one 60mm round base with which to make one Chaos Space Marine Daemon Prince.

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