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Batman Miniature Game: Arrow (Serial Character)

Batman Miniature Game: Arrow (Serial Character)


Oliver Queen is also known as the Arrow or Green Arrow.

In comics, Oliver Queen was an orphan billionaire playboy until one day when he was stranded on an island controlled by China White. He fell back on his love or archery from his youth and brought down her operation.

On returning to his home city, be stopped a robbery while in fancy dress as Robin Hood and gained the name Green Arrow. From then on, he used the persona to take down crime in the city he loved.

In the popular TV series Arrow, it's a slightly different story. Oliver was again stranded on an island with a list of names he father passed him before he died and was then trained to fight and shoot a bow by Slade Wilson and Shado. Oliver eventually returned to Starling City and vowed to take down all the names in his fathers book. People he had considered to have 'failed this city'.

Both the Arrow and Green Arrow have been well known to use their wealth on a massive array of 'trick' arrows to help their cause. Everything from nets and explosive arrows to zip lines and the well loved Boxing Glove arrow.

In the Batman Miniatures Game, the Arrow is a deadly Leader. Being able to move around the board rapidly and fire off a multitude of arrows each turn, the Arrow rarely misses his target.

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