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The Inevitable Price Rise Post :/

Price Rises 

With next week's new comics (going on sale 10th August) we are unfortunately having to implement some price rises on new comics. Our supplier Diamond, who are the only supplier for comics in the UK, have implemented an across the board price rise of 7.5%.

It has been about 3 years since we saw price increases and the recent significant drop of the pound against the dollar plus significant cost increases in general (the comics are air-freighted in each week) have led to Diamond increasing their prices to us.

We are not passing on the full increase in prices but will be increasing cover prices by 5% as of Aug 10th 2022

Cover Price ($)     Old CGC Price (£)     New CGC Price (£)

$2.99                    £2.55                        £2.65

$3.99                    £3.50                        £3.65

$4.99                    £4.35                        £4.55

We are also having to put the price of single bags & boards up to 25p (even more reason to have titles on your pull list)

We know this isn't great news, but hope you understand why it has happened and that we do appreciate your continued custom and love of funny books. Please do get in contact if you need to change your order, or for feedback in general. You will of course continue to get free bags and boards (which have also seen a substantial price increase) and all your books stored carefully for collection


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