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New Comics Day 4th September 2019 - Rats!

It’s indie-city here this week folks, so let us jump straight in and let you know that Someone Is Killing The Children #1 (James Tynion IV ,Werther Dell'Edera). This much anticipated book is about a town where children start going missing in mysterious circumstances, and only Erica Slaughter, a mysterious stranger, is going to do something about it. Popular webcomic Battlepug #1 (Mike Norton, Allen Passalaqua) is back with a new series, and the third volume of the story-telling masterpiece returns, in Pretty Deadly: The Rat #1 (Kelly Sue DeConnick, Emma Rios).

Longest running indie title in history Spawn #300 (Todd McFarlane, Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, Jason Shawn Alexander, J. Scott Campbell, Jerome Opena) also hits shelves, as does new title Everything #1 (Christopher Cantwell, I.N.J Culbard), a bizarre tale of the pursuit of happiness within a new small town department store. Supernatural sci-fi is the name of the day in Triage #1 (Phillip Sevy), which sees a dedicated nurse wake in a post-apocalyptic world with not one but two doppelgängers, and sticking with the sci-fi theme we also have Star Trek: Discovery: Aftermath #1 (Kirsten Beyer, Mike Johnson, Tony Shasteen), which follows the events of the second season of the hit show. Death-Defying Devil #1 (Gail Simone, Walter Geovani) is aiming for tongue-twisting title of the week, and we also have Vampirella: Red Sonja #1 (Jordie Bellaire, Drew Moss) for the horror fans out there.

There are also some new longer reads for indie fans this week, with top selling Infinite Dark vol 2 (Ryan Cady, Andrea Mutti) returning us to the Orpheus and her messed up crew, alongside Outcast vol 7 (Robert Kirkman, Paul Azaceta) and Quest of Ewilan vol 2 (Pierre Bottero Lylian, Laurence Baldetti) continues the grand fantasy take about magicians in a parallel world. Then there is the conclusion of Flavie’s story in original graphic novel Nuclear Winter vol 3 (Cab), the adventures continue in Gunnerkrigg Court vol 7 (Tom Siddell), and the killer boy scouts are out for more missions in Black Badge vol 2 (Matt Kindt, Tyler Jenkins). Classic cinema fans can pick up Big Trouble in Little China Legacy Edition Book Two (Fred Van Lente, Joe Eisma, Dan McDaid, Victor Santos), and the trade collection of Army of Darkness / Bubba Ho-Tep (Scott Duvall, Vincenzo Federici) is also hitting the racks.

DC are coming out with their best and brightest this week, including the Batman: Damned (Brian Azzarello, Lee Bermejo) hardcover, Batman: Detective Comics: Mythology (Peter J. Tomasi, Mark Irwin, Christian Alamy, Keith Champagne, Doug Mahnke, Jaime Mendoza) hardcover, a new edition of classic tale Batwoman Elegy (Greg Rucka, J.H. Williams), Joker: His Greatest Jokes (basically everyone ever) and Catwoman vol 2 (Joelle Jones, Ram V, Elena Casagrande, Fernando Blanco, John Timms, Scott Godlewski, Hugo Petrus, Le Beau L. Underwood). Plus they have event tie-in DCeased: A Good Day To Die #1 (Tom Taylor, Laura Braga, Darick Roberston), Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy #1 (Jody Houser, Adriana Melo), Batman vs Ra’s al Ghul #1 (Neal Adams) and Legion of Super-Heroes: Millenium#1 (Brian Michael Bendis, Jim Lee, Dustin Nguyen, Andrea Sorrentino, Andre Araujo) for your reading pleasure.

Marvel continue the Absolute Carnage event with Symbiote Spider-Man #1 (Peter David, Francesco Mobili), which takes us back to Carnage’s first visit to the Big Apple, while further north we get three new tales of Canadas fiest in Alpha Flight: True North #1 (Jim Zub, Jed MacKay, Ed Brisson, Max Dunbar, Djibril Morissette-Phan, Scott Hepburn), and even further afield we find Gwen Stacy’s alter ego facing down foes in Murderworld, in Ghost Spider Annual 1 (Vita Ayala, Pere Perez). For a spy hit check out web of Black Widow #1 (Jody Houser, Stephen Mooney), which sees Natasha Romanoff going off-grid, and for your space hit there is Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order: Dark Temple #1 (Matthew Rosenberg, Paolo Villanelli).

For a longer read from Marvel this week you can chose from Immortal Hulk vol 4 (Al Ewing, Joe Bennett), Spider-Gwen: Ghost Spider vol 2 (Seanan McGuire, Takeshi Miyazawa) and Venom: Unleashed (Donny Cates, Ryan Stegman, Cullen Bunn, Juanan Ramirez, Danilo Beyruth). For an event try in we have War of the Realms: New Agents of Atlas (Greg Pak, Gang Hyuk Lim), if you’re a mutant fan we have Age of X-Man: Prisoner X (Vita Ayala, German Peralta), and there is also Marvel Horror Omnibus (Steve Gerber, Doug Moench, John Buscema, Pablo Marcos), Spider- Man by John Byrne Omnibus (Bill Mantlo, Chris Claremont, John Byrne), the hardcover select edition of Thanos Rising (Jason Aaron, Simone Bianchi) and last but by no means least Marvel Art of Joe Quesada (John Rhett Tomas, Joe Quesada) which showcases the work of the House of Ideas editor-in-chief.

Check out all the releases below and fire us a message if that essential something needs to appear in your pull list!


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