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New Comics Day 31/01/2018 - DM's and DJ's

It's new comic time again!

This week we have an abundance of annuals, a crossover and a bunch of new number ones to talk about!

Deathstroke, Detective Comics and Flash all have annuals out this week!

Deathstroke may be facing the end of Defiance when one of the crew buys the farm! Will Wade remain a hero? Get the Annual and find out!

The Detective Comics Annual covers the origin of Clayface and his first face off against Batman!

The Flash annual claims to be the kick off for the biggest Flash storyline in 2018! With the Button last year and Doomsday clock bubbling away in the background 2018 has a lot to live up to, but this looks like a classic flash dilemma, lets just hope time travel isn't the answer.

We had the Ice Cream Man last week and this week we have the JLA Doom Patrol Special "Milk Wars". Is this going to be a great year for the dairy industry in comics? This looks like a cross between Superman Red Son and and a marketing campaign from an evil Cravendale!

As far as new series go we have:

  • Star Wars Last Jedi DJ - find out more about the enigmatic DJ from the Last Jedi, and what brought him to the resistance.
  • Motherlands - Si Spurrier writing a dimension hopping celebrity criminal extravaganza.
  • Silencer - The most deadly assassin from the DC universe that you've never heard of.
  • Hungry Ghosts - A comic written by chef Alan Bourdain inspired by stories from Japan's Edo period.

Last but not least we have Rise of Dungeon Master Gary Gygax & Creation of D&D, a subject very close to my heart. Pretty much a must have for any D&D fans out there, find out how it all began.

We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday!

Tom & Owen

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