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New Comics Day 30th September 2020 - Truth And Claw

All of the conspiracy theories that you have ever heard (except that one, wear a mask people!) are true, and there is a shadowy agency covering them up for generations. Follow Cole Turner as he falls down the rabbit hole into The Department of Truth #1 (James Tynion IV, Martin Simmonds). We have had a chance to read the first two issues of this one early and it's a series to keep an eye/ tin hat on!

Next up here is the second instalment in Batman: Three Jokers, alongside a new title that drops stories from the streets of Gotham in Batman: The Joker: War Zone, which introduces the mysterious new anti-hero known as Clownhunter! We also have Wonder Woman #1984 lead in to the movie special (and the Rooster Teeth variant)

It's the ultimate battle as the champs face off in an arena in Batman / Superman Annual #1, and Perpetua, mother of all existence, has culled all life and creation in the Multiverse, condensing all beings to one planet: Earth-Prime, but can a ragtag group of heroes stop her from destroying all existence? Find out in Dark Knights: Death Metal: Multiverse's End #1 

Giant Size X-Men: Tribute (Len Wein) is a 45th anniversary special of the book that actually did change the Marvel universe forever, with a group of artists recreating the classic story art in this one shot. It isn't all sunshine and flowers for the big mean green when he senses his gamma is on the loose and goes to investigate a missing girl in The Hulk: Threshing Place #1 (Jeff Lemire, Michael Del Mundo).

Witness the Marvel Universe's greatest fighter return to a world of death and destruction (no, not the one we're living in, sorry!) he thought he left behind long ago in Shang-Chi #1 (Gene Luen Yang, Dike Ruan, Philip Tan)

Matt Murdock and his alter-ego are rekindling their relationship with both Elektra and Hells Kitchen in Daredevil vol. 4 (Chip Zdarsky, Jorge Fornes, Marco Checchetto), and more kid-friendly is Marvel Action: Spider-Man: A New Beginning (Delilah S Dawson, Fico Ossio); Peter Parker has thrown down with deadly villains and legendary heroes, but high school life might be his greatest challenge yet.

Face it Tiger, love triangles (and squares) are complicated, especially when they involve teen hormones, masked superheroes and Mary Jane Watson! Get the low down in Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane: The Secret Thing (Sean McKeever, Terry Moore, more)

If tv and movies have taught us anything, it is to never go to summer camp in America, especially ones with portentous names like Camp Know Where. Sadly this is a lesson that Dustin is going to learn the hard way in Stranger Things: Science Camp #1 (Jody House, Edgar Salazar). Speaking of tv, check out your favourite pizza eating-shell head in TMNT: The Best of Raphael #1 (Various), because if Raphael isn't your favourite turtle then you're wrong. Sorry.

The long-dreaded war between the Federation and Arcanics is about to explode in Monstress vol. 5 (Marjorie M. Liu, Sana Takeda) Maika must choose her next steps: will she help her friends, or strike out on her own?

From the rain-soaked dystopic world of Los Angeles 2019 (can't be much worse than 2020 literally on fire LA, right?) to the never-before-seen promised land of the Off-World colonies, Ash's search takes her where no other Blade Runner has ever gone before in Blade Runner 2019 vol. 2 (Michael Green, Mike Johnson, Andres Guinaldo, Marco Lesko). Sticking with media tie-ins, Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Legacy Edition vol. 3 (Chris Golden, Andi Watson, Doug Petrie, Tom Sniegoski) fills in some of the gaps from season 3 of the hit show.

Cinema Purgatorio Complete Story Box Set which contains over 800 pages of amazing work by masters of the craft from Moore, Ennis to Gillen - great to grab if you missed these when originally released! A ruthless war criminal escapes prison and leaves a trail of destruction - and a daughter - in Tartarus vol. 1 (Johnnie Christmas, Jack Cole). Then there is inter-dimensional psychedelic spy shenanigans in vols. 1 & 3 of Casanova Quinn (Matt Fraction,Gabriel Ba) complete edition. Meanwhile Eric who returns from the dead to avenge his and his fiancée's murder at the hands of a street gang in a new special edition extended hardcover version of  The Crow (James O'Barr)

We would write more about Gudetama: Adulting For The Lazy (Wook Jin Clark) but that would kinda miss the point of the book ;)

In Aggretsuko vol. 1 (Daniel Barnes, Brenda Hickey, Jarrett Williams. D.J. KirklandRetsuko the Red Panda is a young office worker stuck in a thankless job, whose only stress release is singing heavy metal at the local karaoke joint. It's rivalry on the streets as cousins Jean and Carol face off in a local skateboarding competition in Concrete Surfer (Pat Mills, Christine Ellingham).

Weirder things have happened this year than comic book heroes falling from the sky, but that's what happens in Olympia (Curt Pires, Alex Diotto, Dee Cunniffe), and latchkey kid Elon has to deal with the consequences. 

If you're having a bad day just remember it could be worse, you could be a vacuum repairman in Arizona who bears a startling resemblance to a wanted cartel hitman, a bit like Jacques Ramirez really. Find out if he's really a deadly assassin or just looks like one in Gunning For Ramirez (Nicolas Petrimaux).

Two massive names in pop culture come together again as Ricky and Morty vs Dungeons and Dragons vol. 2 (Jim Zub, Troy Little) drops this week, roll to resist that one!

If you're sent to spend the summer at a place called Fever Swamp, then what could you possibly think would go wrong..? Find out how Blake gets stuck in a turf war between werewolves and wolf-hunters (we've all been there, right?) in Goosebumps: Secrets of the Swamp #1 (Marieke Nijkamp, Yasmin Flores Montanez).

It's a slam dunk as The Avant-Guards: Down To The Wire (Carly Usdin, Noah Hayes) concludes the story of high school, basketball, and falling in love that started as a mini-series. The Dragon Prince has been reunited with his mother, the Human Kingdoms and Xadia are at peace, and humans and elves alike are ready to move on. Only Rayla is still restless in The Dragon Prince: Moon (Peter Wartman, Xanthe Bouma) which is set between seasons 3 and 4 of the hit Netflix show.

Available for the first time in print this week is League of Legends: Zed  (Odin Austin Shafer, Edgar Salazar) a tale of magic, revenge and honour lost and regained. With the help of the first Wizard King and the leader of the elves, Asta and Yuno might have a chance against the Devil's unlimited power in Black Clover #22 (Yuki Tabata)

We also have the final volume in parody series My Hero Academia: Smash! (Hirofumi Neda, Kouhei Horikoshi), and it's a showdown in Vast Poni Canyon to repel the invading Ultra Beasts in Pokemon: Sun and Moon vol. 8 (Hidenori Kusaka, Satoshi Yamamoto).

Homeless and haunted by ghosts, high schooler Kogarashi thinks his luck has finally turned when he finds Yuragi-sou a cheap boarding house that was formerly a hot springs inn, now full of super-sexy, scantily-clad female tenants. All he has to do is banish the ghosts in Yuuna & Haunted Hot Springs vol. 1 (Tadahiro Miura).

Check out all this week's releases below and we hope to see you in the shop soon!!

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