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New Comics Day 26th February 2020 - Amethyst Getting Started

We are already 2 months into the new year and this week heralds the last of February's New Comics Days - Tonnes of books this week with just a few new starts -

From DC this week there is a new title in the form of Amethyst (Amy Reeder), a new min-series featuring the character recently reintroduced in Young Justice, as well as Leviathan Dawn (Brian Michael Bendis, Alex Maleev) which spins out of the events of Event Leviathan and sees the heroes fighting back!

Trade wise DC are offering up a new edition of Batman: Broken City (Brian Azzarello, Eduardo Risso), which sends Batman on a journey that pits him against The Joker, Killer Croc, and more! Then there is Tales from the Dark Multiverse (everyone ever at DC) which collects the hugely popular elseworlds series of tales spinning out from the events of Dark Nights: Metal

Over at the House of Ideas, Marvel are offering up 2020 Force Works #1 (Matthew Rosenberg (A) Juanan Ramirez) in which eruption of a violent robot revolution threatens all manner of biological life! Slightly less ominous sounding is Falcon & Winter Soldier #1 (Derek Landy, Federico Vincentini) which sees two former Captain America's teaming up, and in Fantastic Four: Grimm Noir (Gerry Duggan, Ron Garney) the Thing comes over all gritty detective to solve a mystery. 

The original heroes get another run out in Invaders vol. 2 (Chip Zdarsky, Carlos Magno) with Namor, Cap and the Human Torch still living with their aftermath of World War 2.  The story of HoX/PoX continues in Dawn of X vol. 2 (Jonathan Hickman,  Leinil Francis Yu), as the new world order continues to change the Marvel universe forever... and in Future Foundation vol. 1 (Jeremy Whitley, Will Robson, more), the youth wing of the Fantastic Four head off on a prison-break adventure in space.

In Strikeforce vol. 1 (Tini Howard, German Peralta, more) Blade puts together a team to fight the forces of darkness, and secrets of Logan's past are revealed in Wolverine: Daughter of Wolverine (Charles Soule, Diogenes Neve). Finally from Marvel this week is The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl vol. 12 (Ryan North, Derek Charm, Erica Henderson) which concludes the epic run of Doreen Green eating nuts and kicking butts!

Looking at the indies, we have Hidden Society #1 (Rafael Scavone, Rafael Albuquerque) which uncovers a world  of deities, demons, and danger that exists alongside our own, and Tomorrow #1 (Peter Milligan (A/CA) Jesus Hervas) looks at what happens when a computer virus jumps species to humans, with devastating consequences. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Jennika (Brahm Revel) takes the newest hero in a half shell on a new adventure as she tried to reconcile her new status with her troubled past.

Trade wise, there is the second volume of The Weatherman ( Jody LeHeup, Moreno DiNisio, Nathan Fox), which sees Nathan Bright return to the Earth that he allegedly tried to destroy, and get as warm a welcome as you would expect... 

Berserk hardcover vol. 4 (Kentaro Miura) continues the story of Guts, the black swordsman, while The Complete Elfquest vol. 7 (Wendy Pini, Richard Pini) collects the first four volumes of Elfquest: The Final Quest. Finishing off the story of Simon Church is Joe Gloem: Occult Detective vol. 4 ( Mike Mignola, Christopher Golden (A) Peter Bergting)/

Lupus (Frederik Peeters) is a world-spanning space opera that looks at the ties of friendship, memory, guilt, isolation, and connection, and in Jim Hensons Beneath Dark Crsytal vol 3 (Adam Smith, Alexandria Huntington) Kensho and Thurma 's journeys are brought to a thrilling and heartwarming conclusion.

Check out all this week's releases below and let us know what temptations need adding to the pull lists ;)


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