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New Comics Day 05/01/2018 - 2017 Exit Stage Left

2017 is almost done and it's been an amazing year for games and comics, and a less amazing year for coffee (but world figures on coffee production are a little dry for this post (much like the average rainfall in coffee growing regions this year....Ba-dum-tsh)).

Games wise we saw the release of Warhammer 40K 8th edition to much fanfare and good cheer, as well as Shadespire: Underworld, a Games Workshop game that at last glance was rated at 8.5 on boardgamegeek and came in at a very reasonable £40. Pandemic Legacy 2 arrived, as well as Feast of Odin, Werewords, Rhino Hero: Super Battle and Purrlock Holmes Furriartys' Trail.

It was a very interesting year in the world of comics. Marvel had a host of minor disasters in their comic book arm, but a great showing in their movies and DC had a disaster in the box office but their comics are going from strength to strength.

Brian Michael Bendis jumping ship from Marvel to DC is great news for DC's comics prospects. On the other hand Disney's acquisition of Fox means we are much more likely to see the return of the Fantastic Four, Doctor Doom, Deadpool and maybe Marvel putting a bit more of a polish on it's X-men comics something that could really make a difference to Marvels' Comics fortunes.

Speaking of comics here is this week's run down:

The loooong awaited Snagglepuss Chronicles is finally here! Exit Stage Left takes place in 1953 in the US at the height of the cold war. Snagglepuss is a gay southern playwright making the best of his time on Broadway. Written by Mark Russell of the Flintstones, hopefully his thoughtful gentle humour will make what could be quite a dark tale much lighter.

Rogue and Gambit return in a new 5 part story to rescue some kidnapped mutants. Will the sparks fly? Will it be passion, anger or just Gambit's cards playing up?

We've seen a lot of Transformers crossovers in the last year, but this is going to be something brand new (or indeed super old)....Visionaries are back! Visionaries are a group of magical Knights from the 80s and 90s! How will this odd pairing happen, and how will the transformers deal with magic? Only one way to find out!

Have a wonderful New Year! We hope to see you all soon, and best of luck with whatever you're up to tonight!

Happy New Year!

Tom and Owen

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