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New Comic Book Day May 4th 2022 - May The Free Comics Be with You

Yes - not only is it a big week for new releases but this coming Saturday we also give thousands of comics away to raise money for charity and get some new titles into your hands. There's some pretty big new books in with the free comics and this year a nice amount of them are brand new books and not reprints :)

PSA - Remember, as a bank holiday week the new titles will arrive with us Weds morning - pull lists and orders will be ready Weds afternoon

Onto the new books arriving on the shelves Wednesday

Quests Aside #1 - One for the D&D / fantasy fans crowd again - what happens in the pub the adventurers go to once the adventuring is over? Find out in Quests Aside and join in the daily adventures of running said establishment.

We couldn't have a NCBD on May the fourth without a big new star wars release and with the D+ series on the horizon we get a new Obiwan series charting important moments in his life.

Skottie Young is back with a new series - Twig #1 - It's the first day of Twig's new job as a journeyer on a JEFF SMITH's Bone-esque quest to save a The Dark Crystal/Labyrinth-style world. Join our hesitant hero for an inspiring and imaginative tale of hope, heartache, and determination to overcome insurmountable odds!

Flashpoint Beyond #1 - Any DC fan reading the next couple of sentences of the summary text should leave them champing at the bit to get their hands on this - Batman's hunt for the Clockwork Killer brings him to Europe and face to face with the mad king, Aquaman. On the eve of Aquaman's sinking of London, Batman infiltrates his stronghold and goes on the warpath for answers.

See below for the full view on all this week's releases and hopefully see many of you on Free Comic Book Day! :)

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