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New Comic Book Day 30th August 2023 - August Inundation

Bank holiday means the comics are a tad late going up so I'm gonna let you dive straight into Aug23's final batch of new comics - of which there are MANY new starts and one shots! (it's a funny fifth release week so we get lots of oddities turn up)

Action Comics Presents Doomsday Special #1 (One Shot)
Ancient Enemies: The First Responder #1
Batman Catwoman The Gotham War Battle Lines #1
Black Hammer: The End #1
Catwoman Uncovered #1 (One Shot)
Devils Cut (One Shot)
Gnorts Illustrated Swimsuit Edition #1 (One Shot)
Godzilla Rivals: vs. Spacegodzilla
Idw Endless Summer--Dungeons & Dragons: Saturday Morning Adventures
Idw Endless Summer--My Little Pony
Idw Endless Summer--Sonic The Hedgehog
Idw Endless Summer--Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Saturday Morning Adventures
Knight Terrors Nights End #1
Marvel Age #1000
Mmpr 30th Anniversary Special #1
Moon Knight Annual #1
Ms. Marvel: The New Mutant #1
Plot Holes #1
Superman 2023 Annual #1 (One Shot)

See below for the full view on the rest of this week's releases

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