New Comic Book Day 27th April 2022 - Amazing April

New Comic Book Day 27th April 2022 - Amazing April

Let's be generous and call last week a little bit sparse on releases - However, the last new comic book day of April is more than making up for that with lots of amazing books landing on the shelves :) 

Chiefly among those is a new volume for Marvel's longest serving web-slinger in Amazing Spider-man #1- PP has burned bridges with a lot of his pals and has plenty of enemies planning his downfall - will he make it out of his 60th Anniversary year in one-piece?!?

What price vampirism? Find out in Blood Stained Teeth #1 - Atticus Sloane-misanthrope, criminal, asshole, and vampire-lives in a world where blood isn't the only thing vamps crave. And for the right price, he'll make you a vampire too. After all, immortality isn't cheap.

British Paranormal Society #1 - Mike Mignola and Chris Roberson expand the Hellboy universe with a spooky new tale featuring art by Andrea Mutti with colors by Quinton Winter. British Paranormal Society members Simon Bruttenholm and Honora Grant arrive at Noxton together, but with separate goals: Honora hopes to uncover information on the town's strange traditions, while Simon is searching for his missing assistant. But their separate investigations lead down the same twisted path that hides a dark secret behind Noxton's innocent façade! 

Rebellion bring us the stellar team of Garth Ennis and Henry Flint for the return of Hawk The Slayer #1 - A few years have passed since Hawk and his trusty band of warriors defeated the evil wizard Voltan, but Hawk is still uneasy, fearing that the Dark wizards have only temporarily disappeared and are due to return. Once again, Hawk must assemble a team of warriors to confront the returning evil. The Mind Sword may be the key to saving the world, but is it also responsible for the resurgence of these ungodly forces?

Knights of X #1 - Betsy Braddock is Otherworld's only hero - and to save her people, Betsy must recruit a round table of her own. The Knights of X gather to restore the rightful order and rescue desperate mutants - but their quest is about to get so much bigger than that. This is the era of destiny...and the fate of Otherworld lies at the center of mutantkind's future. Don't miss this essential piece of the new Krakoa!

See below for the full view on all this week's releases :)

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