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New Comic Book Day 23rd March 2022 - We Have Demon Comics...

 .. the most demony being the new Dark Horse book from Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo, We Have Demons #1 - featuring a benevolent demon called Hellvis... what more do you need to know.

Ghost Cage #1 is a perfect jumping on book for manga fans to sample american comics - When his megacorp power plant falls under attack by terrorists, the super-scientist who revolutionised and controls all energy on Earth sends his ultimate creation (and an adequate employee) in to destroy his most monstrous secrets.

We also have Godzilla bumping up against the Power Rangers,  Captain Cold planning a heist in Rogues #1, Red Room returns with a trigger warning and the latest Stranger Things series Kamchatka (which links in to series 4)

See below for the full view on all this week's releases :)

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