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New Comic Book Day 1st September 2021 - Fear State Autumn

Autumn is upon us and we kick off straight away on the 1st September with our first new comic book day of the month!

However, it's another Bank Holiday this week which is the bane of comic book fans as it means books arrive with us a day late - As ever our excellent staff will get the new books turned around ASAP on Wednesday and pull lists and orders should be ready late afternoon!

DC bring us Fear State Alpha #1 - Scarecrow is back to turn Gotham into a city of terror and this special kicks off DC's big event of the month with crossovers aplenty!

Aquaman looks pretty good for 80 - and you get a great choice of covers for his birthday celebration.

Aftershock bring us a real life spy drama in Almost American #1 - based on story of husband-and-wife Russian intelligence operatives  trying to defect but instead of the American Dream, Janosh and Victorya Neumann found themselves caught up in red tape, bureaucracy and turf wars between the FBI and CIA - all while their past tries to kill them.

Marvel enters the Dark Ages courtesy of DCeased's Tom Taylor - what happens when the lights go out and the world's heroes are unable to help? (how many superheroes does it take to change a lightbulb?)  

Ten years after a catastrophic mission gone wrong, Denver Wallace, leader of the Suicide Jockeys - a poor, usually drunken, almost certainly mentally ill crew of monster-fighting, tank-and-aircraft-piloting suckers - must pick himself up off of the proverbial and literal floors, slap his estranged, desperately-fractured team back together and right what once went wrong. From screenwriter/Ringo award-winning comic creator Rylend Grant! Check out Suicide Jockeys #1

Finally, the complete Alan Moore masterpiece in one 480 page tome - the PROVIDENCE COMPENDIUM! Providence is Alan Moore's quintessential horror series! In it, he weaves and reinvents the works of H.P. Lovecraft through historical events. It is both a sequel and prequel to Neonomicon.   The PROVIDENCE COMPENDIUM is the complete series, all twelve issues by Alan Moore and Jacen Burrows, in one 480 page volume.

Dive in and check out all this week's new books!


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