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New Comic Book Day 13th April 2022 - Mr Sandman, bring me a...


This week's big release is new Sandman, written by one of the moment's hottest writers James Tynion IV and a host of artists (including different artists for the nightmares!) - Designed to welcome new readers into one of the greatest worlds in DC's library, The Sandman Universe: Nightmare Country is a terrifying travelogue through a nation recognizable and obscene, which will show you things seen in no Sandman series ever before.

Image is hitting 30 this year so celebrate with a year-long parade of all-new stories from some of the biggest and best names in comics! This issue also includes a first look at DECLAN SHALVEY's upcoming OLD DOG series and an original ongoing comic strip by SKOTTIE YOUNG!

The Rocketeer is back in the Great Race #1 - This much loved character has been absent from comics for a while now but has many fans so this return will no doubt be sought after!

Dark horse bring us another sci-fi adventure from the writer of Port of Earth in Breakout #1 - When massive cube spaceships from another dimension materialize over our cities and routinely abduct teenagers to be held inside their mysterious floating prisons, Liam Watt's younger brother, Tommy, is taken. But while governments and adults across the world accept this loss as inevitable, Liam refuses to give up hope

G.I.L.T #1 - Meet Hildy Winters, a tough, outspoken survivor of New York City's Upper West Side-with her very own time-travel portal. For Hildy belongs to G.I.L.T., the Guild of Independent Lady Temporalists. Their prime directive: Do not alter the past without co-op board approval! A snappy, stylish urban fantasy by novelist/comics writer Alisa Kwitney

See below for the full view on all this week's releases :)

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