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Happy Vir-anniversary!

Hello All,

Firstly we hope this finds you safe and well, tucked away working your way through that pile of comics / board game backlog / plastic crack mountain.

It's been a month since we hunkered down as well and we just wanted to drop a line saying Hi!

If you are missing the shop we have a virtual store on facebook where u can post about what you are up to, fun stuff or just general musings on the strange world we now live in - CGC Virtual Store

And of course we are still delivering online orders - Chichester orders are being delivered directly and further afield by Royal Mail - If you want to place an order hit up 


It's also worth updating you on the various different things that have been going on with the bits and pieces we sell:

Comics & Graphic Novels:

The comics market is still on hold - It's looking like new releases will start up slowly again at the beginning of May with something resembling normal in June. We can reorder books / comics already released so if you have burned through your reading backlog let us know and we can make some recommendations!

Board & Card Games:

We are still getting weekly new releases and restocks for board and card games - recent releases can be found below

Games Workshop:

GW have confirmed they will continue to be shut down until mid-May - this means no new releases or restocks until then. We still have quite a bit of stock left and a good supply of paints and other supplies (although some lines are running low)

Thanks for listening and we hope to see you in the store when things are safe again :) 

Recent Releases & Restocks:

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